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Cross-Wiki Weekend 2017

To celebrate Nintendo's birthday on September 23rd, NIWA is hosting a Cross-Wiki Weekend Event!

From September 22nd - 24th, everyone is invited to constructively edit NIWA wikis that they have never (or infrequently) edited before. Whether it's adding some new content, uploading an image, or adding a reference, we want you to take your experience and love for Nintendo to a new wiki.

At the end of the event, one random participant will win a $20 Nintendo e-Shop Gift Card! At the end of the event, submit your contributions using the button at the bottom of this page.


Why are we hosting this event? In addition to being a fun way of celebrating Nintendo's birthday, we hope this event...
  • ...exposes editors to new wikis
  • ...promotes cooperation between NIWA wikis
  • ...provides more support for smaller wikis
  • ...creates some new long-term editors
Some of Nintendo's finest.


Before participating, please take a few moments to review these rules - especially if you want a shot at the prize!
  • The event starts at 00:01 (UTC) on Friday, September 22, and runs until 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday, September 24.
  • To participate, contribute to at least one NIWA wiki that you have never (or rarely) contributed to.
  • To simplify contribution tracking, participants must have an account on the wiki(s) they are contributing to for a chance to win.
  • Each contributor's edits are ranked 1 to 5. The more substantial your contributions are, the higher chance you have of winning the prize!
  • Contributions should improve the wiki in some way. More substantial contributions mean more entries into the contest. Try some of the following:
    • Adding new prose to articles.
    • Copy-editing large sections or entire articles.
    • Adding references to verify information.
    • Uploading photos.
    • Creating new articles.
    • Categorizing pages.
    • Adding template documentation.
  • As long as you make at least one non-minor edit, you're eligible to win the prize.
  • Each wiki is a bit different! Become familiar with the differing guidelines, styling, and policies of each wiki. Reach out to each wiki's help resources if you have any questions.
  • At the end of the event, fill out and submit the participation form below by September 30th for a chance to win the prize. Even if you don't want the prize, we appreciate you filling the form out for statistical purposes.

Editing Guide

Below is a list of participating wikis and links to to-do lists and guides. Some wikis have created guides just for this event, which have been linked in bold. If you're unsure of where to begin, you'll hopefully find these links useful! Take a moment to familiarize yourself with each wiki's rules and customs before diving in.
ARMS Institute
To-Do List
DK Wiki
Community Portal
Dragon Quest Wiki
Community Portal
Fire Emblem Wiki
Cross-Wiki Guide
F-Zero Wiki
Cross-Wiki Guide
Golden Sun Universe
Hard Drop Wiki
Main Page
Getting Started
Cross-Wiki Guide
Lylat Wiki
To-Do List
Metroid Wiki
Cross-Wiki Guide
Cross-Wiki Guide
Cross-Wiki Guide
Cross-Wiki Guide
Starfy Wiki
Community Portal
Community Portal
Super Mario Wiki
Cross-Wiki Guide
Community Portal
Cross-Wiki Guide
Zelda Wiki
Cross-Wiki Guide

WarsWiki and Pikmin Fanon are not participating this year.


At the end of the event, please report your contributions by filling out the following form by September 30th. Filling out the form is also how you enter yourself for a chance to win the prize.

Submit Your Contributions Here!


The winner of the contest is determined by random draw. Each person's contributions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5; the more substantial one's contributions, the greater the chance of winning. Be sure to make some substantive edits for a better shot at the prize!

While event organizers are free to participate, they are disallowed from entering the drawing and winning the prize.


Thank you to everyone who participated! We received a total of 12 valid entries from editors both new and old. Participants from 6 NIWA wikis, as well as the outside public, contributed to 11 NIWA wikis, with contributions including article expansion, file uploads, template creation, and more. Thank you to the following participants:
  • Alex95
  • Astrogamer
  • ChemKitt
  • Follower of Light
  • Gabo 2oo
  • Hylian pi
  • Mitsuru (Bulbagarden), Kasuto (N-Wiki), Pakkun (Super Mario Wiki)
  • Opossum
  • Serpent King
  • SuperHamster
  • Wildgoosespeeder
  • pikopika
Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for - the winner of the $20 eShop Gift Card was Gabo 2oo from Bulbapedia. Congratulations!

We look forward to hosting this event again next year!

Event organized by SuperHamster, Serpent King, Espyo, and tacopill. An extra thanks to everyone who contributed to the event with suggestions and guides.

Disclaimer: There is no purchase necessary to win. Participants need only meet the requirements listed in the rules above. In questionable cases, final discretion of eligibility is determined by the host of the event. The prize will be a $20 Nintendo e-Shop Gift Card. If participant is in a country where an e-Shop Gift Card is not usable (region restrictions, no e-Shop support, etc.), another prize of equal value will be coordinated with the winner. Winner is determined by a random drawing after contributions are judged on a 1-5 scale by event organizers. Organizers cannot win the prize.