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Title: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
Post by: eientei95 on March 25, 2018, 01:26:27 PM
A year ago, ZeldaWiki moved under the hosting of Gamepedia. Apparently discussions were had regarding its membership under NIWA and no-one minded as they were still "technically independent"[1]. However I believe there are some conflictions regarding the level of independant-ness of ZeldaWiki. The owner, Jason (also goes by GoldenChaos#6532 in Discord), apparently works for Curse[2], Gamepedia's parent company[3]. The director/senior editor[4], Tony is also currently being compensated by Gamepedia, one of his contract stipulations being restricted to at maximum 2 hours on the staff chat.

Given these allegations, how is it that Zelda Wiki is given a free pass, as it is "technically independent"? To me personally, the lining of the pockets of the owner and the director go against NIWA's policy of being independent.

I await any further questions or statements, preferably from Jason, Tony or the NIWA admins.

1 See "SnorlaxMonster_1.png", attached.
2 See "SnorlaxMonster_2.png", attached.
3 "Owned and operated by Curse"
4 Tony's Gamepedia user profile (, also on his user page (
Title: Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
Post by: Cody on March 25, 2018, 10:40:11 PM
To clear something up, Tony isn't being forced into a restriction on staff chat time by a contract - he's decided on his own to schedule his time out clearly, probably so that he can organize his life better. Gamepedia isn't pushing any such restrictions. Aside from switching to their shared account system which we sorted out when we merged, they haven't demanded anything from staff or changed any of our work schedules in this past year since this was last brought up - they essentially just act as server technicians. They've made some minor contributions to Wiki policy like suggesting better SEO ways for us to list some of our pages, but again, I said "suggestion" and not "restriction" or "forced" - there have been no attacks on our independence.

Also, things like the owner getting money from the site are irrelevant to NIWA I think as I don't remember NIWA having anything against site owners spending their surplus ad money however they like.
Title: Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
Post by: Justin on March 26, 2018, 08:49:36 AM
Listen, I personally have very mixed feelings about Zelda Wiki moving. However, it cannot be denied that Zelda Wiki helped to found this very organization (I should know; I was there on day 1 when we launched). In addition, the staff members are still in charge of the operation of the wiki, and I have spoken with Gamepedia staff since I came back from hiatus. They offer assistance when asked and will occasionally make suggestions, but they take absolutely no role in the operation of the site.

Now many of you probably understand exactly how hurt I must feel about the site being sold. I've spent nearly a decade of my life helping the site in some capacity. Despite how I feel, I still choose to support it. NIWA was a very different place 7 years ago, full of hopeful kids and young adults with big dreams. Unfortunately, time has presented new challenges that couldn't exactly be solved in the most ideal of ways. Throwing Zelda Wiki to the wayside because of this is plain unfair to the efforts of those who heartily fought to make this dream a reality, especially those who are no longer with us. I think they can certainly get a pass on this one, for whatever my opinion is worth.

As a disclaimer, I'm not a Zelda Wiki staff member anymore. I'm currently acting independently, although I am helping them again.
Title: Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
Post by: Espyo on March 31, 2018, 01:59:18 PM
My opinion, which as I gathered seems to be the opinion of most people on Discord, is that the entire situation is shaky, but unless something really shady happens, we have no good reason to remove Zelda Wiki from NIWA. The drama and stress involved in doing so is not worth the "just because" reasoning. There are good reasons for both sides, but until something big happens, I don't think anybody is going to flinch, really.
Title: Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
Post by: bikasgaur on April 12, 2018, 06:15:09 PM
Justin, is there any plan of NIWA to release it's own mobile app? It would be great for all the users.