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Pikmin / Man, what is taking the third one so long?
« on: April 18, 2011, 04:38:21 AM »
If they're this hard at work on it, then why are they so scared/hesitant to showcase any traces of info on it at all, besides the occasional notice that it's being worked on?

Better yet, if Nintendo's so proud and possessive of Pikmin, then why don't they get more of it going?

Eh, this E3 is our best bet...

Nintendo Gaming / Should Nintendo produce real-life SSB-like trophies?
« on: April 12, 2011, 04:32:27 AM »
There are times in which I wish Nintendo would use its past "experience" (well, to be fair, years have passed since those days) with toy making and use it to make various models of things we Nintendo fans like, like actual SSB-like trophies or Pokémon Figurines.

As they'd certainly add more to the collection, I'd happily pay for a great deal of them and collect them to bits. After all, they're that huge a company, so I'm sure they can set it up.

I could go on with what there should be of them, but I'll hold it off right here for now.

Mario / Recap topic: Paper Mario The Book of Ages (game idea)
« on: April 10, 2011, 06:49:26 PM »

Cue idiotic post by Hope(N Forever) about how he is personally offended by this because it "breaks teh canon of paper mario series!!!11" and that it ruined the Mario series(!!!111).

Either that or something about how the author of this should make a WarioWare DIY microgame that involves Mario jumping on that clock villain's head.

NIWA Discussion / F-Zero fans and fansites
« on: April 10, 2011, 06:04:01 PM »
(Spurned off of the Kid Icarus topic here)

Has anyone been able to find any F-Zero fansites? Or fans of the series so far? I've gone around and I've found none at all.

I understand that F-Zero hasn't been active since 2004 (man, when will another come anyway?), but are there any vocal fans and communities about the series around?


So basically, random people can do better things than Nintendo.

Mario / Should there be a Mario & Luigi 4?
« on: February 04, 2011, 07:12:33 AM »

I say, yes.

Kirby / "Sorry to keep you waiting!" x2
« on: January 28, 2011, 06:35:33 PM »

Just when we thought this would never see the light of day again.

Mario / N/A
« on: December 27, 2010, 11:46:49 PM »

Cancelled topic.

Super Smash Bros / Adventure Mode: What could improve it
« on: December 15, 2010, 12:15:14 AM »
We've all played through the Subspace Emissary and had fun with it, right? I did too, but unfortunate as it may be, it seemed to be lacking in a lot of areas. Granted, it was a very good first step in that right direction (in terms of bringing all these characters together for a story setting), but it was only a baby step. Personally, I feel that the only redeeming factor of this mode was the cutscenes, but even that could have done a lot better. So as good as this adventure mode was at first, here's to what could make it better next time:

Honestly? Abominations that look like they belong in their own dang series? Way to shaft other Nintendo enemy characters that could have been. Is it really too much to ask for the biggest Nintendo villains around (Bowser, Ganondorf, Medusa, King K. Rool, and other enemy forces from different series, Space Pirates from Metroid, etc etc....Eh, Bowser may turn good at some point later into it) to come together to bring the world down using all their resources without all that made-up Tabuu junk and stuff getting in the way? If anything, Master Hand and Crazy Hand should be the only Smash-exclusive elements to it.

The world map. So could have been some sort of artificial Nintendo World with the most notable locales of each series plastered throughout (Peach's Castle, DK Island, Hyrule's kingdom, etc etc), but SSE just had to waste that on a dry, generic-looking place. This is one thing where I liked Melee's adventure mode better.
There could be a few simple places thrown in; if they are generic (city, plain, etc.), they should be provided with that gritty Nintendo feel and refer to some series (a lot of them for the price of one simple place). For instance, if there's a nondescript volcano somewhere in there, it could be populated by Gorons (Zelda) and whatever-other-fiery/rocky-species-from-another-series. It gives that versatile flavor that it should have.

More supporting characters or NPCs. C'mon, one or two that barely made a difference in SSE? Think of it this way: the main characters are essentially the peak of a mountain, and the supporting cast would make up the base of the mountain. And if you've got too scarce an amount of supporting characters, that's no good for that mountain, being all peak! Not cool!
Now there would be many of these NPCs to pick out from several Nintendo series, each with varying roles in another SSB adventure mode's story. Could be either worked into gameplay (with certain tasks that they may ask of you to fulfill) or cutscenes devices. Some could be some sort of shopkeepers, but for what, I'll get to that later.

Now, I'm not saying SSE was bad (and it was good in its ways). But some things in it were quite off and I'm just saying about what could make another Smash Bros. adventure mode better. You've got to consider that not everything Nintendo has done is 100% perfect/god-like and that there's always room for improvement. And that's when you should try to think about it.

These are just the basics for now, I'll get more specific about these in subsequent posts here.

NIWA Discussion / F-Zero Wiki?
« on: December 09, 2010, 09:56:21 AM »
I'm quite surprised this hasn't shown up, but I can see why it hasn't just yet.

F-Zero is actually quite a dead series these days and we haven't got a new game of it in ages.

Not to mention, not many people actually know about it as a series. Through Smash Bros., the only thing people largely recognize out of it are Captain Falcon and his Falcon Punch, nothing more. This has caused people to shun the F-Zero series in favor of only Falcon and completely forget about where this series really shone.

Nevertheless, should we bring forth an F-Zero Wiki onto NIWA, to do this depressingly died-out franchise some justice? At least if there are any F-Zero (read: NOT Captain Falcon) fans around here.

Pikmin / Pikmin 3 ideas
« on: December 09, 2010, 02:44:25 AM »
If you're going to look forward to Pikmin 3, you might as well post your ideas about what you'd like to see.

For me, I'd like to see some sort of Wario-like rival for Olimar. Using Pikmin of his own against him and getting in his way a lot.
But that's it for me, really.

NIWA Discussion / Mario Fanon Wiki: Ready?
« on: November 15, 2010, 05:27:26 AM »
Well, I've heard about this NIWA thing through Mario Wiki, and I gotta say it's great seeing it grow! Heck, when I first came across it, I only saw a few things up in here. But keep going! It's getting good so far!

Anyway, what I was going to say: if we have the Pikmin Fanon Wiki, then fanon wikis for other series may come in afterward as well, I'm sure.

As you'd all know by now, the Mario series is so versatile as an anything-can-happen kind of deal, and most of us are more than willing to put out some of our Mario game ideas. No other place to do so besides the Mario Fanon Wiki, of course! So anyone up for it yet?

Obviously, what fan doesn't have any ideas for future games that could be? Most fans seem to put down any fan-made ideas at all without even giving them a chance, "They suck because they're MADE-UP AND NOT CANON ENOUGH!!". Well guess what, do you want the exact same games as before? Lots of Mario games make up a lot of stuff as they go on, hence the anything-can-happen factor of the series. The people who come up with these ideas have something that all these other fans don't: a sense of creativity, originality, and imagination. With these fanon wikis, the days of when people made good use of all that return.

Oh yeah, and just to make things clear on it, here are just some guidelines that should be followed when it comes to posting your Mario game ideas on there:

  • Sure, we all know that the Mario series is versatile as heck, but please don't get too crazy. Be reasonable about your ideas and the character choices you made for it. Know the Mario series well. Nothing far too extravagant for the fundamentals of the Mario series, please! And still, keep gameplay in mind.
  • You can come up with new characters for your ideas (Really, what up-and-coming Mario games don't do that?). But still, try to do something about them. If you're an artist, then go at it and flesh them out (appearance-wise, at least)! Sure they're fan ideas, but they don't "suck because they're not canon enough". Things change all the time.
  • No shoddy jokes or anything like that. If you want a Mario game idea (or an element like a character or item) to really come about, then it's your responsibility to put the extra thought and effort into fleshing the idea out.
  • Overall, if you really do have an idea for a game (or a new character in it), just do your best! We want your imagination and creativity!

And by the way, here's an idea I came up with, where Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina star in their own adventure and do the whole transforming superheroine thing (like in most anime), called Princess Power:
(Hope this works)

Take your time to read it through and review. I'll get more artworks of it soon, I promise. Once I've done that, I'm more than ready to set up a Mario Fanon Wiki article on it.

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