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Mario / Re: Luigi's Mansion
« Last post by Joseph1K on April 17, 2019, 04:49:55 AM »
Remake for 3DS and later a sequel for 3DS & Wii, the Wii Version could allow both the original, and the sequel on one dual-layer disk, and Miis should be playable in multiplayer, each wearing Luigi overalls, colors may vary, & baseball caps become Mario Style when if worn on Miis, each cap containing the first symbol of the Mii's name in the circle as well...  Mobdro 3DS & Wii versions could interact, and could save up to 5 3DS Miis on Wii game's save file for Multiplayer, as Wii disks can have 3DS Mii parts programmed in.
NintendoWiki discussion / Re: Image problems
« Last post by Gensanat on April 10, 2019, 07:28:26 AM »
I feel that you will definitely know this.
The Lounge / Re: Give A Stupid Answer, Ask A Stupid Question Thread
« Last post by Gensanat on April 10, 2019, 07:18:44 AM »
I want to know more about this. It will make me get more and more back.
Do not know if you know that this site is a great source of information, so many content is distributed within the site.
NIWA Discussion / Re: RIP ZeldaWiki
« Last post by JensenDana on April 09, 2019, 10:33:15 AM »
I would like to know about the knowledge within this site whether the data is actually shared or not because I want to change the information.
Membership and Affiliate Requests / Re: Glitch City Laboratories
« Last post by Torchickens on April 06, 2019, 07:01:59 PM »
I'd take this as GCL has accepted affiliation so when is this made official?

It was mainly just me who supported it, although I believe others from Glitch City Laboratories (such as Yuzihax) wanted to do it too a long time ago. I don't mind if this is brought up again, so if anyone else (like Moydow, Archaic) wants to contribute to this thread I support. I just feel cautious of being impartial because I'm active as an admin on both NIWA member wikis and GCL, whereas if someone from NIWA wrote their opinion who isn't an active GCL member it feels better for some reason.
NIWA Discussion / Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
« Last post by Cody on January 28, 2019, 10:29:32 PM »
Zelda Wiki is still sorting out its plans internally after learning about the Wikia move but has nothing to announce yet at this time. We’ll let people know when that changes.
NIWA Discussion / Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
« Last post by Emma on January 25, 2019, 07:42:21 PM »
This might be a bit controversial, but... whatever. First background. I was an administrator (under my old name -- if you know who this is referring to you can add two and two together for why it changed and I'm sure you understand then why I have not spoken up yet) at Zelda Wiki prior to the formation of NIWA. I was the originator of the idea of forming a wiki alliance. I was told my idea was the stupidest thing ever and (combined with some other unwarranted issues) I was removed as an admin within a few weeks of making this proposal. Most of the staff was against my removal, however the few who wanted it falsely put the support of others behind it and I was thrown out. I find out a few months later that all three of the individuals who told me my wiki alliance idea was stupid were working with Bulbapedia and Mario Wiki to make an actual wiki alliance. Before I came along, the wiki was dead, it had one active staff member who was severely overworked and didn't know how to code. A lot of what the wiki has now, was my doing. Much of its templates and on-wiki coding was my work. I got zero recognition for it. And everything I did was taken and used anyway. It was my idea to have a large staff that can maintain it. Before me they thought "oh, just one or two people is enough" and it barely managed to survive.

Not everyone agreed with the direction the wiki was going. The owner, Jason, consistently mismanaged the wiki. He repeatedly claimed he couldn't afford the hosting bills while he at the same time bragged to his friends on Facebook how rich the sites he owned were making him. He constantly tried to meddle with things he didn't understand and kept forcing bad changes onto the wiki. He kept giving power to make decisions on the wiki to webmasters of other websites who had no wiki experience that also did not have any understanding of how to manage a staff (ironic right?). These people he gave power to constantly meddled for their own selfish reasons and consistently set the wiki back and held back projects they were working on. He clashed with some other people there and some of them decided that they should try to buy the wiki from Jason to take it from his irresponsible hands, or create a new one if he refused to sell. This is how Zelda Dungeon Wiki came to be. Myself and Mases, the leaders of the movement to get the wiki away from Jason, decided that our attempts to buy it from him were a failure and we made our own. I worked extremely hard to get that wiki functioning and it paid off. I know think it's the best Zelda-oriented wiki out there. And it's proud of its independence.

Jason sold Zelda Wiki to Curse without the knowledge or consent of any of its staff or users at the time. He used the sale of Zelda Wiki to actually help him get employed by Curse. Curse is absolutely never going to let Zelda Wiki go, ever. Especially now after Fandom/Wikia acquired it. Wikia has been trying to acquire Zelda Wiki for years. It was its constant purchase proposals they sent Jason that motivated me to suggest the alliance in the first place. It's going to hold onto it and refuse any offers to buy it from them. If you're holding out any hopes of Zelda Wiki regaining its independence, it's never going to happen. It never was independent. It was always the tool of someone who only cared about the money that didn't care about the content or the community. Do not believe the people tho say that there isn't any outside pressure from Gamepedia. There absolutely is. Advertising concerns obviously. But also content restrictions, Things with layouts being forced upon them. And with Fandom/Wikia being in control now that will, over the next couple years, get worse. It's only a matter of time before someone at Wikia notices the navigation boxes for NIWA and does their research and finds out it's an alliance against Wikia and forces Zelda Wiki to remove it. And they will remove it without protest or notification to anyone here at NIWA. They're corporate now.

I worked at a Wikia wiki for months before I gave up. They meddled constantly. One thing they did all the time was removed features I was using that were critical to the jobs I was performing. I had to ask three times for it to be reenabled but they just kept disabling it. I was given essentially no freedom to make the layout suit the content, or be what I thought was appropriate. As the only staff member at the time, it should have been my decision. But it wasn't. They wanted their horrible layout. They wanted functional wiki pages like recentchanges to be hard to access. They wouldn't let me make shortcuts or change toolbars to be more useful for editors. I couldn't take it anymore and I gave up. Remember that it was these bad layouts that convinced so many wikis to abandon Wikia and what actually spawned Gamepedia in the first place. And now Wikia owns Curse, as well as a few wikis, like The Vault, who abandoned them in the first place because of their meddling. This is who owns Zelda Wiki now. You're fooling yourself if you think there won't be meddling.
Nintendo Gaming / What are the most difficult Mario games?
« Last post by Henrryparth on December 25, 2018, 10:52:24 AM »
Nintendo still has my heart to this day when it comes to favorite franchises. But save for BotW, a lot of the newer games I've played seemed very easy or "hand holdy". I want to go back and play some of the Mario games that were considered difficult. I love difficult platforming games so I thought i'd go back and try some of the other Mario games. I'd prefer 3ds/games on Switch games if there are any but I'm willing to go back and try out the older stuff.
NIWA Discussion / Re: On the subject of Zelda Wiki no longer being independent
« Last post by ArcticFromClosed on December 18, 2018, 09:31:21 PM »
The future is still being decided. It is entirely possible that Zelda Wiki has to return to the world of independence, in which case, they will need NIWA's help. Not being rash and removing them earlier this year might be what stopped a disaster.

True, though I feel temporarily moving them to the Affiliates tab would be a nice middle ground solution until they either become independent again, or fully consumed by Fandom.
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