Author Topic: Flipnote Makers Want Recognition!  (Read 8528 times)

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Flipnote Makers Want Recognition!
« on: September 21, 2011, 03:20:59 AM »
I know, you may be thinking it's just me, but I'm sure you've noticed the lack of good Flips on Hatena...
I have to actually search (on a Computer) to find a good flipnote...
So everybody post links to your Flipnotes, and search commands for your favorite flips and channels...

Also, I think I should provide some sort of info on how to register a Flipnote Hatena ID,
You have to be 13 or older,
Register at
then link your account on your DSi by tapping "Creator's Room"

Check out my flipnotes at

My username is due to my overuse of Goomba Tattle abilities in Paper Mario games.