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August 2017



The 'Shroom - The 124th issue of The 'Shroom is now available here, which includes article spotlights, "fake news," games, opinion pieces, and more.

Hard Drop Open IX  - The Hard Drop community is hosting a public Jstris tournament starting August 11th - check it out and sign up here!

Promotions - On the Super Mario Wiki, TheFlameChomp has been promoted to patroller - congratulations!


Nintendo News

Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo's latest mobile app, Nintendo Switch Online, has been released alongside its first compatible game, Splatoon 2.

Super NES Classic Edition - Nintendo has announced that pre-orders for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition will begin at the end of August. The microconsole will be released in North America and Europe on September 29, followed by Japan and Australia soon after.

Splatoon 2 Sales - Splatoon 2, which released worldwide on July 21st, has performed very well, selling over half a million copies in the first three days in Japan alone. Read more about the newly released game on Inkipedia.

Financial Update - Nintendo have released its earnings for the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, giving an update on sales for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch as well as several popular games. For hardware, the Nintendo Switch sold an additional 1.97 million units worldwide for a total of 4.70 million, while the Nintendo 3DS family sold 0.95 million, with lifetime sales of 67.08 million. ARMS had a strong launch with 1.18 million copies sold, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have continued to perform well, sitting at 3.54 million 3.92 million copies sold worldwide respectively. See here for the full report.

Recent & Upcoming Releases


Nintendo Switch

  Nintendo 3DS


  • Pikmin (NA, EU: July 28 | AU: July 29 | JP: July 13)
  • Inkling Girl (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Inkling Boy (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Inkling Squid (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Cloud (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Cloud - Player 2 (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Corrin (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Corrin - Player 2 (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Bayonetta (Worldwide: July 21)
  • Bayonetta - Player 2 (Worldwide: July 21)


Featured Content


The playable cast of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, releasing on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on August 29. Read more on Super Mario Wiki...

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