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March + April + May 2018


  • Promotions - Alex95 on the Super Mario Wiki and GeneticistVarik on WikiBound have been promoted to administrators! On Nookipedia, LoneShadowStar has been promoted to patroller! Congratulations to all.
  • April Fools'! Several NIWA wikis had fun jokes and pranks this year.

    • MarioWiki enabled a New Funky Mode which turned the wiki into the Funky Kong Wiki.

    • Pikipedia created a cutscene from a leaked game, called Hotel Pikmin, based on the infamous opening cutscene of Hotel Mario.

    • SmashWiki parodied a Star Trek episode by converting its homepage into a custom language composed entirely of allegories and references (mostly based on Nintendo and other games).

    • Nookipedia announced their transformation into a wiki about room corners (also known as nooks). With this came a change to a bland, gray layout, and a main page that featured various room corner images and trivia.

    • Fire Emblem Wiki announced that Intelligent Systems had partnered with Universal for Illumination to make a CGI-animated Fire Emblem movie, and that this also would lead to a game called Despicable FE with Gru as the main character.

  • Wars Central - Wars Central, the parent site of Wars Wiki, has shut down. While we're saddened with this closure, we're happy to say that Wars Wiki is here to stay with a new host and URL at!

  • The 'Shroom - The 133th edition of The 'Shroom is now available here. Check it out for the wiki spotlight, fun stuff, Critic Corner, and more!

  • Bulbapedia Weekly News Videos - Bulbapedia has started doing weekly news segments on YouTube - check out their channel!

  • SmashWiki - SmashWiki has had an organizational change: tournaments and crews have been given their own namespaces.

  • Nookipedia - Nookipedia has a new look for the spring and summer!



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Nintendo Switch

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  • Detective Pikachu amiibo (NA: March 23, 2018)
  • Pearl amiibo (NA: July 13, 2018)
  • Marina amiibo (NA: July 13, 2018)


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