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Difference between revisions of "Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai (Nintendo 64DD)"

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(Created page with "{{Game infobox |title=Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai |jptitle=オリエンタルブルー 青の天外 |jptranslation= |jptrans= |boxart=None.png |caption= |players= |category= |...")
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{{Game infobox
#REDIRECT [[Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai#Development]]
|title=Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai
|jptitle=オリエンタルブルー 青の天外
|developer=Hudson, Red
|successor=[[Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai]]
A Nintendo 64DD version of '''Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai''' was apparently planned for development by Hudson and Red.
Development on this game would move on to [[Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai]] for [[Game Boy Advance]].<ref>[ Japanese cancelled Nintendo games list]</ref>

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