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Template:Game Technical Details

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Technical Details

This template is meant to be used in the "Technical details" sections on articles. To use this template, type the following code:

{{Game Technical Details
  • media - The type of format the game uses (Game Disc, Game Card, etc. for physical releases, digital download for digital releases).
  • gamesize - For digital downloads, the download size of the game. Most preferably, this should use the official listing on Nintendo's digital stores, since the actual download size may slightly vary from user to user, though the file size listed in storage settings on one's device may still be used.
  • save - The file size for the game's save data, which can be viewed in the data management menu.
  • requires - The system requirements. This only applies to mobile titles, as most applications do not fully support all previous firmware releases.
  • support - The supported system features (online play, Miiverse, StreetPass, etc.)
  • input - The controllers that are compatible with the game. For handheld titles, the device itself should be listed here, while mobile titles should list "Touchscreen".