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NIWA Discussion / Re: Speculation time.
« on: December 23, 2010, 09:23:58 PM »
my plan, and i hope other's will join/help me in this, is to:

1) help form SEIWA, pending KH Wikia revote.
2) help Archaic form an inter-IWA organization; with NIWA and SEIWA being it's first members.
3a) Contact other potential IWA's out there, to see if they would be interested in joining (Including a possible Sega one, and a Rare one).
3b) Help other IWA's form based on information i have been gathering here on the forums and in skype chats. (Yes, this would include CIWA), and when they are ready, have them join as well.

While i like the thought of NIWA of just opening our arms and inviting every wiki out there to be a member, i also realize that their should be a limit to how big we get and how inclusive we are;

Without some kind of limits in place, in my opinion, our current community would start to marginalize and divide itself, instead of become more united under a common interest.

(Not to mention, could you image what the main page would look like if we had twice or three times as many wiki's? the latter half of the alphabet would hardly get any traffic from here).

Anyway, this is my opinion and plan. What do you think?

I support this plan - the only thing is, the forming of other IWA's should be based on the decisions of the wikis that make up the IWA, not an outside influence (us).  Propose the idea to them, then sit back and watch as they make their decision themselves, helping them if they ask for help.  This seems like what we've been doing with KH Wikia, which is good.  Let's make sure we maintain this approach as we continue with this long term project.

I like the idea, but what is SEIWA?

Macs are awesome though!!!

And, I would still be a fan. :mario:

NIWA Discussion / Fire Emblem Merge
« on: December 02, 2010, 02:02:31 AM »
I am not sure about how to suggest or anything like that, but Wikia has a really nice FE wiki, and maybe they could merge with the NIWA affiliate FE wiki. Just a suggestion.

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