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Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo series into cartoons
« on: May 19, 2011, 03:42:15 AM »
Oh I'm not trying to argue that Bucky is in continuity with Star Fox. Its just that the show had plenty of similarities beyond the fact that both feature animal characters in space. The show is obviously influenced by Star Wars and other sci-fi fiction in general like Star Fox. Both universes are very much consistent with each other that if they crossed over it would make perfect sense that they are one universe, not that it would ever happen. Overall the show is decent for an early 90s show, don't expect to be blown away or a show that I'd highly recommend but if you're interested definitely check it out it has plenty of redeeming stuff in it especially if you like Star Fox.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo series into cartoons
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:55:12 AM »
If you want a Star Fox show watch the old Bucky O"Hare cartoon, it might as well be called Star Fox The Animated Series, plenty of similarities and it really wouldn't surprise you if Fox showed up in one episode to help Bucky.

As far as previous cartoons I'll do quick reviews of them:

Super Mario Super Show: From what I've seen nothing great, lame plots or lame parodies.
Super Mario Bros 3: Huge improvement much more entertaining, goofy fun.
The Legend Of Zelda: Pretty decent cartoon, gets too much of a bad rap, also take into account all they had to work with was Zelda 1 which didn't have the deepest story
Captain N: Plenty of flaws but if you can look past them, the amount of awesome fanservice through out the sereis is worth it.
Kirby: Fun show if you don't mind being overwhelmed with cuteness.
Pokemon: Fun show if you don't mind the running gags and can stick through the filler episodes.

I'd love to see Saturday Supercade but that show is pretty rare, not really a crossover show, saw the first episiode of F-Zero, looked decent but too bad the english dub was cancelled. Haven't seen Super Mario World but hoping to do it soon.

As far as the future of Nintendo cartoons I don't think its too bright, at least definitely not western cartoons like the ones we had in the 80s/early 90s, that was when NOA and NCL were separate entities but now that NCL calls all the shots and NOA has no real power they can't license the hell out of the franchises like they used to do, heck they can't even market the games how they want or choose which games will be localized if NCL doesn't let them. Normally you'd think it'd be best the parent company to have control over its international dealings but in this case NOA did a fantastic job in the 80s/90s and some of that magic is gone since NCL took over, same thing happened with Sega and Sega of America.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: A new Nintendo console at E3?
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:37:36 AM »
What I'm hoping for this system is to be significantly more powerful than PS3/360, I am not expecting this to be on the level of a PS4 or neXtBox but for the new Nintendo system to be powerful enough that it can get downgraded ports of PS4/nextbox games. That was the problem with the Wii not getting third party games and getting PS2 ports that makes Wii games look worse than Gamecube games even if the Wii is far more powerful than the Gamecube was.

Even if Nintendo does the bare minimum with just slightly above 360/PS3 graphics like last gen with the Wii being more powerful than the original xbox I'll be all over it, even if we've had consoles that can do that for years now, we've never had Nintendo games done with those specs yet so it'll still be awesome. What I'm most excited is about the controller, I am glad Nintendo tries to innovate even if its not always a hit. I can not believe that the PS3 uses basically the same PS1 controller, ugh.

StarFox / Re: Star Fox 64 3D
« on: January 20, 2011, 03:50:41 AM »
When compared to the OOT 3DS remake it definitely looks more of an improvement, however as nice as it looks it doesn't come close to how good Star Fox Assault which is a shame, we've already seen the 3DS can do amazing graphics so there is no excuse it doesn't look better.

What I hate as well is that most likely the VA are going to be different from the 64 version and I played that game so many times and loved those voices so much I don't know how I feel about listening to new voices or even a new script, I've never liked any of the post-64 replacements and Nintendo hasn't even tried to keep one VA for the SF series, I wonder why, they did it with Mario just fine. At the very least I hope you can choose Lylat as a language thats a nice middle ground I'd accept, apparently the Euro release of 64 included it and Command had it so its possible.

I really hope we get  new levels though, that'd be amazing. I also think the 3DS should get ports of Star Fox Adventures and Assault, the 3DS can handle it and then we'd have all the SF series playable in the 3DS (since Command is BC).

NIWA Discussion / Re: Donkey Kong Wiki problem
« on: November 13, 2010, 04:08:14 PM »
It is my personal opinion that Yoshi and Wario of more sub-franchises. Donkey Kong, however, is its own franchise, that nowadays only overlaps with Mario in the occasional crossover and Mario Kart.

Ask yourself this, would you call Donkey Kong a "Mario" character or a "Donkey Kong" character. Now ask yourself whether you would call Yoshi a "Mario" character, or a "Yoshi" character. Is Wario a "Mario" character, or a "Wario" character?

It doesn't help that Mario appears in all the Yoshi games, and Baby Mario made an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

Plus, you could argue that Yoshi and Wario do deserve a wiki.

Its a bit more convoluted, Donkey Kong is the first game and Mario spun-off and became the more recognizable part and all DK was known as the game that launched Mario. When DKC came out it set itself apart from Mario and was able to be seen as a separate brand from Mario, of course DK64 failed to get people on fire like DKC did and after that Rare was sold and Nintendo tried to keep the DK franchise alive but they were all failed tries (hey I liked them!), so for the past decade DK has been seen mostly as just "part of Mario" instead of its own brand. DKCR aims to change this but who knows how successful it'll be. The point is while Mario spun-off DK it became the bigger name and while DK has tried to brand itself different its still part of the "marioverse" so to speak.

Now Yoshi and Wario are another story. Yoshi is the less successful of the three, however I definitely consider his game a 'brand' in a similar vein to DK. Yoshi's Island was the game that spun him off and even though it was called "Super Mario" for name recognition it is not considered a Mario game, the 25th anniversary of SMB pretty much cemented the fact. The success of Yoshi's Island made him his own 'franchise' headlining Yoshi's Story with no Mario at all and established Shy Guys as his rogues canonizing SMB USA in the process. Sadly Yoshi hasn't been wildly successful so we haven't been able to see a lot of the Yoshi brand separate from Mario though theres plenty of Yoshi games, don't forget in the original SSB he also got his own icon and didn't have to share with Mario.

Now Wario is a different story, his first appearance was in Mario Land 2 and spun-off with Mario Land 3 which is basically just a Wario game with with Mario slapped in the title to guarantee the game would sell like SMW in Yoshi's Island in case the Wario/Yoshi brands weren't big enough. Since then Wario has been its own entity pretty much only crossovering in party games, in some ways its been better than DK in setting its own name separate from Mario, especially with the Warioware series. Super Princess Peach and Luigi's Mansion could be seen as trying to launch them as their own brand which failed.

Anyways the original point was Wario is as much of a separate entity from Mario as DK and even Yoshi is. Both Yoshi and Mario have mostly been carried by the Mario franchise in recent years though which makes it hard to justify giving them their own wikis. Yoshi definitely can't handle it, its too small and Wario like DK is already covered extremely well by the Mariowiki. Wario may have successfully spun-off and Mario may be the spin-off of DK but Mario is the bigger name and the connections of Wario/DK to Mario allowed them to be covered by Mariowiki and they are already covered well.

Yes, we should let them develop before coming to any conclusions. I think a problem arises only if the Super Mario Wiki covers Donkey Kong so heavily that there is nothing DK Wiki can do to surpass them in coverage (for example, if Super Mario Wiki has covered every single thing involving Donkey Kong).

Simply, the coverage issue will grow as the wikis do. In my opinion, to delay a decision would be unwise. It's best to tackle the issue before it gets too big. There are a couple options out there - a merge as equals, an absorption of DK Wiki, an end to DK coverage on SMW, etc.

This is a decision that the staff of both wikis will have to discuss. In the end, it is up to the wikis what they do, but it would be of great benefit to at least consider our opinions.

Well the problem is Mariowiki covers the franchise of DK so well already, there is not enough for DK Wiki to differentiate from it, like I said I hope they do but I don't think they can. Like I explained earlier in the post, Mario may be the spin-off of DK but Mario is the bigger name and DK is technically part of the same 'universe' which is why it has to be covered by the Mariowiki. DK re-made its own name as a separate franchise with DKC series but after that its just basically clinged back to Mario making it even more integral for Mariowiki to cover it. Theres really not much for the DKWiki to cover that Mariowiki hasn't, most of it is all overlap. Now technically Mariowiki should leave DK exclusively to the DKWiki but I don't think its fair for Mariowiki to give up so much of their hardwork.

NIWA Discussion / My thoughts on NIWA
« on: November 13, 2010, 03:28:28 AM »
I've been following NIWA since it launched and thought it was an interesting idea. Now that I've seen how much its grown in the past year I thought I'd share some of my thoughts.

First I feel too many wikis are joining NIWA and they don't offer much, if NIWA will allow any Nintendo wiki as long as its independent then I guess its ok but lets look at the quality of the "Founding" wikis. Bulbapedia, Mariowiki, and Zeldawiki are extensive encyclopedias of said franchises. You look at some of the other ones and they are severely lacking. Now I realize that Pokemon/Mario/Zelda are Nintendo's Big 3 franchises that have the biggest audience/content/fandom as reasons of them being so big, heck I list them in that order since Zeldawiki as great as it is doesn't have the level of content as Bulbapedia or even Mariowiki. I mean I do hope NIWA would allow the other wikis to eventually grow as right now many of them consist of mostly stubs and not a lot of content. I think before joining they should have a certain amount of content. Like most here I'm a Nintendo fanboy and would love to have say a Kid Icarus wiki but if there just isn't a fandom or content to support it then it maybe shouldn't be its own independent wiki until it is if not NIWA will end up being just 3 big wikis with a bunch of mostly dead wikis.

Now my main reason for this topic is as of right now all NIWA is just a glorified affiliate links section. I believe NIWA can be so much more. Theres quite a bit of overlapping articles between all the NIWA wikis, pretty much all of them besides the franchise that doesn't have a N64 game all have an article about Nintendo 64 and other examples like that one without even counting the overlapping from that Smash Bros causes. NIWA should really be a network and not just an affiliate link system with a fancy name. I think all wikis should be linking to each other for those articles, I noticed just a few seconds ago that Bulbapedia is already doing this, if you search for Mario/Link/Kirby etc it re-directs you to those respective wikis. All other wikis should be doing the same redirecting or at the very least give a direct link with "For more information on X go here". Only problems I'd see is some Smash Bros stuff and Donkey Kong since it wouldn't be fair to Mariowiki to give up their hard work on their DK articles.

Anyways I also think NIWA should start its own wiki on this website, it'd be a general wiki about Nintendo which would include articles on all their systems and other franchises. This way all the NIWA wikis could link to that wikis article on N64 instead of all of them having their own. It would also give other Nintendo franchises a chance at being on a independent wiki, I'm talking about smaller franchises like Wave Race and Pilotwings and even bigger ones like F-Zero and Kid Icarus. They are awesome franchises but really aren't big enough to carry their own wiki, and if they ever did they could always branch out of NIWA if say Kid Icarus makes a Metroid like comeback.

Anyways those are just my thoughts/suggestions on what I think NIWA should be heading for, I think NIWA is a great idea and it'd be awesome to have an extensive all-Nintendo Encyclopedia online through joint wikis. I'd love to be help NIWA beyond editing articles in the future since it'd be nice to see NIWA grow.

NIWA Discussion / Re: Donkey Kong Wiki problem
« on: November 13, 2010, 01:35:35 AM »
I think the main problem here is that Donkey Kong and Mario while technically separate franchises are too connected since they both originated in the same game and crossover frequently so there is going to be a ton of overlap. I'm surprised DKWiki was allowed in since Mariowiki basically already covers the entirety of the DK Franchise and already does a fantastic job at it. Now I love DK but is it really necessary to have it be a different wiki when its already covered extensively by the Mario one?

Technically Wario and Yoshi are also their own franchises that Spun-off Mario, out of those two Wario is the most successful spin-off wise and differentiates the most from Mario but I don't think a Wariowiki would be necessary. Of course DK is bigger than Wario/Yoshi and basically in the SNES days with DKC, DK had gotten away from Mario's Shadow only to have that taken away after Rare left and Nintendo kept incorporating DK more and more with Mario, hopefully with DKC Returns Donkey Kong will become a household name outside of the Mario franchise like it was in the 80s with the Arcade game and 90s with DKC. Its definitely going to be tough for the DKWiki to be its own entity though I certainly wish them the best.

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