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The obscurity of Fire Emblem

Started by Seritinajii, June 17, 2011, 01:56:30 AM

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Isn't it depressing?

Does anybody actually know five people in real life who know what Fire Emblem is? Barely anybody I know knows Fire Emblem. While it's very popular in Japan, Fire Emblem is extremely obscure here in America. Barely anyone knows what it is.

Which is probably a reason why Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo, Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu, or Fire Emblem 12, may not be coming out in America. Isn't it sad?!?! It's a DS game, so it's not very likely. I'm losing hope, especially since the 3DS is out.

What do you guys think? Do you actually know Fire Emblem, have you played a game, and/or do you know a lot of people who know about this great series?


I've played all 5 games that have been released outside of Japan, as has my cousin.


I've played them all. I've only talked to a few people that have played FE in real life, but they all speak well of the series (except this one kid who disagrees with me on just about every conversation topic ever. Kind of a troll).

Actually, I first heard of Fire Emblem about six years ago, when I was in Australia with a youth ambassador group. One of the kids I roomed with was playing one of the GBA games (Sacred Stones, I think), and I remember being really intrigued. When I got home, I asked my dad if I could get it, but for whatever reason I didn't for a long time. Then a couple years ago I got Radiant Dawn, and now it's my favorite series. Go figure.

But yeah, it's a shame that not very many people know about it. And now because of that, FE12 is at the bottom of NoA's priority list. I still have hope, but an English release doesn't seem too likely.

Aria der Donau

Hello there, Naesala!

Well... in my country (Chile) it's pretty much an odyssey to get one. The clerks don't understand the name, nobody has ever heard of it, special orders can take even four months, or even worse, they laugh at me for buying original stuff >:(

At this point, I'm used to write down the name and wait for the avalanche of questions.  ::)

But well, I've played all international releases and then some more, like Fuuin no Tsurugi and the Jugdral games.


I know a lot of people who know Ike and Marth and even Roy


Is this the game Marth and Roy are from?


Quote from: PikaSamus on February 17, 2018, 11:18:26 PM
Is this the game Marth and Roy are from?
Nah, they were from Shining Force.
Weird Nintendo would include SEGA characters, but you know what they say, they work in mysterious ways.


I relate a lot because Legendary Starfy is similar, in particular with the first four games which were only released in Japan. The fifth game was also only localised for America and Australia and I live in the United Kingdom, so whenever I talk to anyone there about Starfy not many people have heard of him except maybe some very dedicated gaming fans (however there are Starfy fans, in particular he is popular on websites like DeviantArt and Pixiv, and many Starfy fans are also big fans of Kirby, we're just hidden).

Unfortunately too, like the Golden Sun series we haven't seen a new Starfy game since years, however Starfy's appearance in Super Mario Maker for Wii U (as well as Smash Bros. since Brawl) was nice.
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