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Am I the only one disappointed with the 3DS?

Started by Mari-Illustrious-Makinami, August 07, 2011, 06:13:07 PM

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I mean, I really want to like it, but it just seems like disappointment after disappointment.

First off, the 3D, unless you can prove otherwise, it's just a useless gimmick that doesn't change gameplay at all.

Second, Nintendo is claiming that the Wii U will have improved online, but judging by the "improved" online on the 3DS, it looks like Nintendo will be behind the times when it comes to online again.


When I first heard Iwata mention a system with 3D last year, I was bursting with happiness.
3D with no glasses? Instabuy! But then when Reggie announced the 3DS, I was pissed. Ooh, a ds with a gyropad, revoloutionary! I was expecting some super-sexy-mondo-1up-wicked redesign, like the DS. I'm probably not going to buy it unless it gets a redesign like the GB micro. So yeah, I was pretty disappointed.
I blame the economy.


I looked at the screen, compared to the "Pop-up" effects of normal 3D, the 3DS is more of an HD diorama.  I do mean 480p x2 but it's still HD compared to my TV, I'm saving up for a $470 32" 3D TV at WalMart, but I've been thinking I need a laptop, and the 3DS is coming out, and picking berries gives me an Irish sunburn.
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I was extremely disappointed with the 3DS when it first came out. The games that came out with it were crap compared to launch titles of other Nintendo systems (where was Mario?) and I had to settle with Street Fighter even though I already have a version of it on the PS3. The only awesome game that came out nearest after its release was Ocarina of Time and that's a remake. But then there came Netflix and the Ambassador program and now I'm kind of glad I got a 3DS so early. And also, Kingdom Hearts.  ;D Though to be honest, I rarely use 3D.

And as for my thoughts on Wii U, I'm so glad Nintendo is finally moving on to HD and online play (that can hopefully compare to PS360's) but I'm afraid that it might be too late for them and Sony/Microsoft will start a step ahead next generation.  :(