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Crash Bandicoot: Brainwashed; Battle of the Minds

Started by Tattletale1, August 15, 2011, 08:01:13 AM

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Crash Bandicoot: Battle of the Minds
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Crash Bandicoot the Cortex Conspiracy takes place right after Twinsanity

Uka Uka: Silence, Everyone... I said Silence!  SILENCE, ALL!
...That's better! we are gathered to discuss Cortex's replacement, he has failed me more than three times, and has met an untimely demise, any volunteers?
Tropy: I, Dr Nefarious Tropy offer my humble services, as master of quantum physics & Guardian of Time, I have seen the future, and the release of two games has put us all in Jeopardy, I have come up with a revenge plan on our counterparts that could save the series...
Uka: I yawn at your presentation!  Give me a plan that we can use right away next time!  I can't believe how you are, pathetic.  Who else is man enough to come before the mighty Uka Uka, with a great plan, so we can attempt to take over something!

Nina Cortex: I think we should take over the evil 10th dimension!

Uka Uka:A meager little girl was man enough to come before me with a plan?  And a better one than Tropy may I add!  How do you expect us to accomplish this, if you can tell us, we may actually have a chance!

Nina: It's a piece of cake!

N Gin: What kind of cake?

Nina: Devil's food cake!  We use the Psycotron I've been repairing with the help of my new lab partner, I've made some adjustments to the Evolvo-ray so that he couldn't possibly have a double in the 10th dimension, Everyone, Pansies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introuduce you to my new lab partner...

Uka: No!  You must be joking!  Not another one! Haven't we been through this before!  Twice!

Tranced:[b/] I have an idea!  Why don't we borrow the Bandicoots to aid in our fight by hypnotizing them...
...When we're done!  We'll return them with no memory of it!  Your good bro doesn't even have to know!

Crash and Coco are fishing, Crash catches a whopper, and Coco goes to get her 3D camera, "Crunch, thanks for agreeing to come, could you watch Crash and make sure he doesn't lose the fish he Just caught..."
Crunch agrees, "Sure thing Missy..."

Dr. Cortex is trapped in Crash's Mind, and takes a few steps, stumbling over parts of Crash's mind, accidentally triggering them...

Crash does the Crash Dance, dropping the fishing pole in the water, "Crash! You fool, you lost your catch!  ...I'll get it"  Coco brings out her camera, "Opps! out of batteries, sorry, I'll be right back, these 3D screens sure use alot of energy, it gets annoying after awhile"

Cortex looks through Crash's eyes, and sees the reaction, "Crash is too clumsy, it's a wonder how he ever defeats me, I can't be that incompetent, can I..."  Cortex stumbles again, and triggers another reaction...  "Pancakes!" Crash dance,  "Donuts!" Crash Dance, "Cookies! Mocha Chocolate Ya ya! ya-ya!"
Cortex stops, "Wait...  Am I triggering Crash's reactions each time I stumble?  Once is okay, twice is weird, three times is enough, but four times in a row, and it's obvious! Why didn't I spot it before!"  Cortex grabs at part of Crash's brain, Crash does another Crash dance, "Is there any part of Crash's brain that doesn't trigger a victory dance!?!"  Cortex grabs, and Crash starts fighting Crunch...  "Crash, stop that! I'm warning you...  Crunch punches Crash, and Cortex starts rattling around inside Crash's head...  "Ow, that's it, based on what I've seen before, Cookies, Pancakes, it's the icing on the cake! Crash's appetite!  Bon apatite, Crash Bandicoot..." Cortex licks his lips as he reaches into Crash's brain,  "...Mmmmm!  Donuts!"

Crash gets a craving!

"Sllrrpp! Tna, Fi-iiiissHH!"

Crash starts fighting Crunch for the giant fish, and Crunch is barely holding on...

Aku Aku stops sipping his juice through a straw, " Crash, Crunch, quit fighting, you two, this is the first time we invite Crunch on a leisure trip, and I am begining to have my doubts about whether or not this was the right choice...

"Okay, I've got my Camera!  Ommigosh!  Crash, Crunch!  What are you doing?  Crunch lets go of Crash, Crash starts devouring the fish...
...Great Crash, now we're going to have a picture of a fish skeleton on the mini-fridge!  And Crunch! I thought I told you to watch Crash,"
"I did... ohwww, I'm feeling that tommorow..."

Meanwhile, in Crash's Brain...
"What does this part of the brain do?"  Crash itches uncontrollably and starts biting his back, Coco notices, "Crash, I didn't see too many mosquitoes; don't tell me you have fleas again! it's a good think I always some bug spray in my backpack when I go camping, just in case we get lice, or ticks, it'll get rid of any parasites." "Coco, does it really remove all parasites"
"Yes, Aku AKu, Well, mainly just the ones on the surface,"
"Well, my wooden skin isn't that deep, Do you think you could spray some on me, I have a bad case of termites, and they're biting is a real pain in the neck, which they already chewed off!"

Coco sprays some bug spray on him, he goes into the RV to watch his favorite soap.

N-Tranced comes and attacks the Bandicoots "Crash, Coco, Crunch...  It's good to meet you again!  But you don't remember me, I'm N-Tranced, all powerful Mind Warper from the 5th dimension!"
Crunch looks at Coco, "Do you know this guy?"  Coco's reply, "I don't remember seeing anything like him!  Ever!"
"That's okay! I figured as much!  I almost forgot the 3rd dimension is tethered by time! It keeps other timelines separate.  Which means, you're not the same Crash who defeated me!"
Trance continues "I'm going to give you a chance, you can willingly help in the takeover of the tenth dimension, or you can be hypnotized into doing it, So, do I have to scramble your minds?"

"Get him Crash!"

N-Tranced hits Crash...
"This time you can only be unhypnotized if I say my name backwards three times! And Unlike some guys from the fifth dimension, I'm not easily tricked by heroes into saying decnarT, No!  decnarT! the sound just cracks me up! Say it once and you gotta say it again!  I've gotta hold myself, I can't say... ...DECNART!"

Crash destroys Tranced's clock, but triggers a blast that causes him to sleep, & sleepwalk.

"Fine! I'll go to the Dragon Realms!  See if I can get Spyro to do the job for me!  I might not need hypnosis!"

"I'm done with the bus spray!  Those teremites were really tearing me apart, no pun intended!

Cortex does his soliloquies again...
"Good! Focus on those out-side parasites, for they, are merely... ...skin deep."
"It's only a matter of time before I figure out how the rest of Crash's mind works,  then I can figure out how to escape this danger zone...  because I, Dr. Neo Cortex, am finally taking control! Get ready for a Battle of the Minds Crash, one you can't possibly win!

End of intro...

Part 2:

"Crunch, last night I was looking for my sketchbook to outline a new blueprint, and noticed my eraser was chewed off, and some of the pages were taken out, did you happen to see anyone go into the truck while I was asleep?"
"No, just Crash, I saw him he looked kinda dazed, looking straight ahead, stumbling along a little more than usual, and kept yawning..."
"Sounds like he was sleepwalking, good thing to, because now I can't blame him for what he did, it doesn't matter, I have those blueprints and more like them up here"
"Your weird hair flower?"
"No! and that was rude... Crunch, Please don't insult my fashion choice."

Crash is snoring with his tongue sticking out, with a sandwich in his hand "Crash, wake up, you're on top of the Watercooler!

Crash get's up, "There Crash, here's some good old fashioned steak & eggs! Eat up, you need the strength, you can't always rely on fate's dice to roll in your favor every time, get some meat on those flabby arms of yours, it'll help fix those dice so you'll win!"
"I'm afraid Crunch's right Crash, Cortex may have gotten sloppy in recent years, but if he ever returns somehow, he could've gotten more powerful, than before, and his plans kept getting more complex each time. You can't rely on luck and a strong will alone."
"That's right, the trauma I experienced when I was under Cortex's mind control may have made my brain a little fuzzy, but the reason Dr. Cortex failed to win last time mightn't been because Uka Uka rushed Cortex's plan before it was ready.  Cortex gave me enhanced strength, but never came up with a plan on how to use it.  If he had both strength, and and a plan, he might've had a real chance."

"It doesn't matter, In a world with enough good people, light can spread to the darkest of places!"

Cortex, has nothing better to do than talk to no one...
"Evil can also spread, like a disease that can seem impossible to cure, because some people just can't resist that kind of temptation...  I've explored Crash's subconscious enough to find how to block his heat sense, then tonight, he'll feel nothing but cold, & he'll want to go back to the house, where I can experiment enough to find out how the rest of Crash's mind works without suspicion."  

A distorted voice can be heard...
"Evil can also spread, like a disease that can seem impossible to cure, it can be hard to resist, spreading to the farthest regions of time."  Cortex gets upset "I said that already! No more repeat jokes! Who said that?"

"Dr. N Tropy!  Why are you interrupting our camping trip?" Coco demands.

"I am here of my own independence and free will, I have detected a quirk in the timeline, two actually, one seems to be a result of the reality warping from Twinsanity Island, splitting the timeline in two; the other seems to be a quirk in spacetime that may also be a result of the warp, neither tethered, nor disembodied from this dimension, and Crash seems to be the key in solving the mystery to these flaws, and in order to save the world, I am willing to tear Crash apart with my new quantum analyzer to do it, then I shall rule the future once more, and TIME, shall oNCE AGAIN! BE, in its, PROPER, ORDER!

Boss Fight with Crash fighting N Tropy, with Cortex helping out when N Tropy tries to cross dimensions, and accidentally runs into Cortex in between teleports, N Tropy can also slow down and speed up Crash, and split himself in two, one old, and one with a cyborg arm.  After Crash & Cortex defeat Crash, N. Tropy he smirks saying, very interesting...  Wait, I feel a disturbance in spacetime, something is not right!

"Oh no! he's found out about my locality in Crash's mind, N Tropy will react, it's only a matter of time..."

Crash is tired and lays down, "I need to take control now!"  Cortex is struggling with Crash, and starts fighting from the inside, "You're weakened from that boss fight aren't you, this is going to be easy!"  The sky turns red...
"What on Earth?" An armada of cloaked spaceships comes into veiw,
Cortex retorts "I spoke too soon"

"Greetings earth, I am Queen Scorpidera, we are the Insectoids, we come in peace, we have shared our gift of Red Sky with you, but we warn you, you will be assimilated!  You will be enslaved!  Resistance is futile, we only ask that you peacefully surrender, or else there will be no peace between our Worlds!

"Crash? what's wrong? Crunch, we have to catch Crash before hurts himself!"

"Why Crunch, you're here!"
"Crash, I didn't know you could talk, I assumed Cortex ripped out your vocal cords!"
"I would never!  I'd use a muzzle instead!"
"Crash, I don't care if I have to drag you by the eyes! There's somthing wrong with you, and I'm gonna help your sister figure out what."
"Think again cretin!"
"Wow, your voice is weird, it sounds like Cortex, except even whinier."
"You would insult my voice!  My voice is of reason!"
"Whatever, you're still going down!"

"Quite right you are Crunch, Cortex is going down!  And Crash along with him!  I've brought some old foes to face them,

Pinstripe Potoroo, Ripper Roo, Komodo Bros, Papu Papu, and N. Tropy himself have teamed up to destroy both Crash and Cortex.

"My old friend Nitrusting Fatal Brio would've been here, but I've decided not to tell him, my secret, although some of his former minions have been invited.  I feel it best if that worthless fetus of a man doesn't find out just yet."

Papu:"You's right, Evil, is in orange rat! He must go, for greater good..."

Pinstripe: Hey Crash, If you can hearsee what I says, I'm gonna smack that Cortex for ya' take care of 'em quickly if ya'know what'I mean.  Then, Badda Bing Badda Boom Bang!  I'll take good care of Tawna for yas, had my eye on 'er since Cortex Striked Back, buddy.  You sure know how to pick 'em!  Sorry I gotta do this fell'a!

"As the three of you can see, you're clearly outnumbered, surrounded, no-where to run, it's the ultimatum of Boss battles!"

"Excuse me, Clockman! I'm having a hard time understanding the parts about the three of us, is Cortex somewhere around hiding?"

"Yes, Crunch, Cortex is indeed somewhere around here, hiding..."
N-Trance: Hiding in less than plain sight!  I could destroy either Cortex or Crash in an instant using my hypnosis, then only one would be left!  So, who's it gonna be first, Cortex, or Crash..."

N-Trance, give Cortex the advantage over Crash, he's not used to fighting in his current condition..."
"Yes, Nefarious Sir, I shall toy with him first, savoring every moment, scrambling his brain little by little..."

"You think you're strong enough to take on a mad Scientist and his creations, I have the plan, we have the strength, together, we can't lose!  Crunch! use tactic number BN10K."
"How do you know about-"
-"Never mind, just do it!"

Crunch and Cortex-Crash go through a canyon filled with villians, using Crunch as if he was a Titan, Crunch has a percentage healthbar, and Crash/Cortex occasionally hop off Crunch in miniboss fights, until the Final Boss, Madame Amberly, and N- Tranced is reached.

After "beating" the "bosses" and getting through the villain infested levels, Crunch remembers to call Coco,
N Tropy: "Give up you vermin, you cannot win!"
Crunch: "Wait, we don't have to win..."
Cortex Bandicoot: "What! I think we do need to win!"
Crunch: "No, we don't!  Activate the transporter Coco, two to beam up..."
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Warp room description:
Crash's Brain, a warp room that leads to various levels both inside and outside of Crash's mind, played as both Crash, controlled by Cortex, and uncontrolled, as well as some levels played as Crunch, and one or two levels played as Nina.
Cortex's moves:
Spin slap,
melee, unlockable
Lazer, unlockable
Jump, no double,
Stomp jump
Rechargeable Power shield with limited health-bar unlockable, recharged every 100 Wumpa fruit

Crunch levels consist of an adventure mode with melee combat, upgradeable elemental attacks, and a style similar to Crash of the Titans, with Crunch fulfilling the role of the titan, as some first person shooter levels, both with health bars.

Crash, and Crash controlled levels are platformers, both traditional type, and the free roaming type found in Twinsanity,  level after level of platforming story, and until a suspense point can be reached, Cortex will not return to the warp room.  A bonus, is that even in non Cortex-controlled levels, Cortex can unlock special abilities to help Crash, each ability involving an erratic emotion, or involuntary response, like hunger, anger, craftiness,
In later levels, Crash will be wearing a slightly altered version of the Mad Scientist outfit from CTTR, courtesy of Cortex, and, in the final battle, Crash will fight Cortex from inside his own mind after Crunch, Coco, and Brio (replacing Cortex's attacks) weaken him,

N. Tropy - a teaser boss battle, you just have to stay alive long enough for N Tropy to discover Cortex, then defeat Tropy inside Crash's mind as Cortex.
Classic Tiny Tiger- someone left his cage open and he's trying to destroy Crash all by himself
N. Gin- he was sent by Nina to launch the satellite that controls the bionic Clones of Dr. Cortex, he is accompanied by walking bombshells, & the hyper-intelligent, Slick Bandicoot, whom Nina sent to make sure nothing goes wrong, after Crash & Coco defeat N. Gin, despite Cortex's interference as he struggles to make attacks on N Gin harder, as he swerves Crash's aim toward Slick, who nimbly dodges every attack no matter what, and continues working on the satellite, Slick can be attacked on purpose, when he's up against Coco, then he immobilizes her, and creates a barrier around the launchsite until N Gin is defeated, then the satellite gets launched on schedule without further delay.  An army of Bionic Clones then comes out of the launchspace, and cubicle ships with cortex's face printed on it begin invading N Sanity Island, and its neighbors.

Second wave of levels
Coco has begun to notice changes in Crash, and Coco's 3D camera suddenly shows an image of N Brio, who thinks Coco called him, when neither of them apparently called each other...
Papu Papu - N Tropy has told Papu of the great evil that lurks in Crash, a great evil that must be destroyed.
Rilla Roo- Attacks Crash/Cortex sent by Brio to capture Crash to examine his mind
N. Tropy and N-Trance- accompanied by various other foes such as Evil Crash, Papu Papu, and he tells Crash/Cortex, the League of Scientific Evil is revoking Cortex's membership since he saved the world, instead of harnessing the power of the reality warping evil Twins.  N- Tranced gives Cortex complete control over Crash's body, although the levels inside Crash's mind appear with Crash going through levels instead of Cortex.

Third Wave
N. Brio - Fought as Crunch and Coco as he tries to destroy Cortex, even if it means destroying Crash as well,
Dr. N Tertain he attacks using his Transforming Clown Car, trying to destroy Crash/Cortex as soon as Possible
Dr. N Tangled she attacks by sending her drone plant mutants who obey her every command,
Dr. N Tomb, He morphs into a giant undead Mummy wielding a magic scepter, and unleashing toxic fumes into the air.

Fourth Wave
Madame Amberly- brought back by N Tropy she tries to destroy Cortex after he nearly killed her, and states she came back to offer Nina a place back at the Academy but after her defeat, she says Nina's only road back to the academy is home correspondence.
Slick Bandicoot - fought as Coco within Cyberspace, using high tech weapons and vehicles.  As personally going into the computer is the only way of hacking it, and discovering Cortex's master plan.
Nina Cortex- fought as Coco in fisticuffs, and as Crunch when inside her Mecha, Coco is trapped inside the Mecha, held captive by Slick
Dr. Neo Cortex- Fought as Crunch & Coco (with Twinsane moves), and then as Crash inside his mind, after Crash gains Control, Papu Papu uses his magic to seal Cortex inside a golden Mask, modled after Cortex's own face, ending the game, but if the game is completed 100% the boss fight is extended, & Cortex fights Uka Uka for control of his prime Clone's body, Identical to his old body in every way, except slightly taller.
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My username is due to my overuse of Goomba Tattle abilities in Paper Mario games.