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Mushrule RPG:Play

Started by tacopill, May 22, 2010, 02:57:50 PM

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(Notice:This is a thread focused on playing the Forum-based-RPG, called "Mushrule RPG", located right here on the NIWA Forums. The central thread for all information on this game is located here. Please visit it if you need more info on the game, are interested in joining or anything related, but is not-play-based)

Once you have signed up, and you've been processed by ADM,  you may start playing on the last page of this thread. Please do you best to insert yourself into the game without interrupting the flow of it.

To start this thread off, we are going to include some background information and the first post of GM's Character. (These were already posted, we are just reposting them to get the game started).

Quote from: pokenutter on April 17, 2010, 12:58:11 AM
If we take the multiverse theory to be true, every possible outcome of every event that ever transpired happened, and coexist apart from each other in the form of parallel universes.  Now, if an event with two possible outcomes occurs, the scenario looks like this:
/ \
u u
t t
c c
o o
m m
e e
1 2

However, what happens under these conditions?
M   Z
A   E
R   L
I   D
O   A
/\ /\

A possible outcome from each would occupy the same space, and no one knows what would happen afterwards, or if such an eventuality is even possible.  My theory is that the two world would merge with each other, thus setting a background for the story.

In the Mario Universe, a series of events transpire which results in the creation of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Their peoples moved forward very quickly in the realm of technology.  Conversely, a series of similar events occur in the Zelda Universe, except for one major change.  This change generates Hyrule, and its magic-dependent denizens.

Three years before the RPG starts, the two worlds collide in a cataclysm which devastates the two worlds, a post-Ocarina-era Hyrule, and the present Mario Universe.  The end result is the death of thousands, and the combining of the two worlds.  The two civilizations elect to combine their knowledge in both technology and magic in order to survive.

All races exist in this story, but the Mario Brothers and Princess Zelda were among the casualties of the cataclysm.  The Zelda world was during the events of the Shattered Hyrule era, but before the Great Flood.

Quote from: tacopill on April 17, 2010, 05:41:03 AM
In the rem-nets of the old mushroom kingdom, a shiny triangle glows. Very few people see it. Most, just pass it by. Others see it, but refuse to go exploring about it.

They say the triangle tests you. What for, who knows? But i hear, if you fail this test, you are whisked away. Whisked away, and never heard from again.

As i sit in the street, looking for some change, a child looks around for the shiny triangle. Does he think the rest of us are stupid? Keeping my distance, I follow behind.

The child finds the triangle in an ally. Touching it, the triangle starts to levitate. Then a voice is heard. I hear it. The child hears it. But apparently no one else does.

The voice is ominous. And comes from every direction. How does no one else here it? It asks: "You children. You have been chosen to right what once went wrong." Wait, there only one child before it...is it, is it speaking to me as well?

"You two display a trait few others possess. Where fear stands for others, you hold courage. Where ignorance stands, you hold wisdom. And with you i see the power to help restore me, with the other two part of myself. But you can't do it alone. And neither can you."

All of a sudden, the triangle faces my direction. Out of reflex, i pick up a rock and throw it. But it was simply deflected.

Ok, so i will try something else. Looking around, i see a sling shot. I pick it up, and notice something on the back of my hand: It is in the shape of two triangles, with a third one on top. This is new.

I turn around, and look at the other child. He shows me the back of his hand, it also has a triangle. Maybe we are connected?

"Good. Now, both of you come here." I grab the sling shot, and walk over. I take a look at the other kid. He's holding a boomerang.

"Now, before beginning on your quest, you will need to meet with the others who will be helping you out." All of a sudden, two fairies start surrounding me. My environment starts to wrap and distort, until i appear in a room with several other people. Since the triangle said these people are suppose to help us out, i guess i will introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Max."

Click here to learn how to play.
Note: you do not have to quote your character's text.

The game has begun!


To make sure this is in, and isn't displaced by anyone, bringing over pokenutter's Post.  :laugh:

Quote from: pokenutter on April 17, 2010, 12:32:37 PM
The cataclysm three years ago had left me scarred.  Maimed, mutilated, and scarred.  But I'm a survivor, and surviving's what I do best.  After losing my right arm, I had thought that I'd never be able to shoot a bow again.  That was before the Hyrule-Mushroom Kingdom Alliance.  After that, a mechanically-gifted Toad offered to make me a new arm.  The arm had served me well, but still needed routine tune-ups.  So, here I was in Toad Town, which was still in the transition phase between Mushroom and Hylian design.
Wanted posters are scattered all over the place.  Most are the faces of those who panicked during the cataclysm and killed somebody by accident, or went looting after the Gorons had the misfortune to end up here.  Really great introduction, guys.  Most of these people are good at hiding, or their court cases were too recent to take the posters down.
However, one wanted poster crops upp more than any other, and the culprit is nothing like I've ever seen.  He stands roughly 7 1/2 feet tall, with a spiked turtle shell on his back.  If half of the campfire stories aboutt him are true, he can also breathe fire.  The message under his pictur reads as follows.

Bowser Koopa, former King of Koopas
Wanted for First-degree murder, abduction, theft, and harassment
Believed to be unarmed, yet known to be dangerous
Believed to be working alone.
Wanted Dead or Alive
Reward- 10,000 coins/ 3,000 rupees

So, he's the reason I'm out here today.  After my tuneup, I'm checking out this "King of Koopas" for myself to see if he's worth my time.  I figure that if...
Wait.  Down that alley...  What are those kids doing?  Is that....?
Is that the holy Triforce on their hands?


As, I look around, I notice we are sitting on a platform... floating in the air. There is Myself, the child i was following,  and a few other people. "Did they get asked from the magic triangle, like i did?", I asked myself

As my vision veers off the platform, i notice there's no wall off in the distance. But there are pipes, lots and lots of pipes. I look to the left, it's the same thing. To The Right: More Pipes.  I look over the edge of the platform, and there are more Pipes! It's like some kind of Plumber's nightmare.

Some of the Pipes, as i can see it, end somewhere else in the room. While other's just seem to go on forever. Come to think of it, I've seen these pipes popping up all over the place since the cataclysm three years ago.  In fact, if i remember correctly, A person maybe able to travel through these.

I wonder where do all these go.....and I hope there is a platform to land on  if i were to fall through one.......*backs away*


I can faintly see a strange man with a black coat. "Where am I?" I ask myself. "Who are you!" I try to yell, but I can't move a muscle. I focus harder and my grip on reality tightens. I can now visibly see that I am on a floating platform with an abyss all around me. I try to move but I am still petrified... A sudden movement distracts me and all of the sudden I can move again. I quickly assume a battle stance but I am unarmed. I detect the movement behind me, and as I turn around I feel a sudden impact to my back followed by pain.

I wake up about an hour later and realize that I was not attacked, but a strange temporal force caused me to feel pain and knock out. But now I am in a strange place, with the name "Toad Town" written on a huge sign. I notice that all of my armor and equipment is missing, and begin to look around for an armory of some sort...


Thinking about playing this. How active is the community?