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Table Top RPG's?

Started by tacopill, March 22, 2010, 02:56:12 AM

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Ok, that sounds much better.
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Quote from: tacopill on May 04, 2010, 04:51:59 AM
Stat Calculations
When a character levels up, each stat goes up by a specific amount. Depending on the stat, this can be based off of race, or personality, etc. But, for specific stats, this amount can be increased when a character has a specific crest in their possession. For every level up from that point on, the character will go up by both amounts.

For example, INT has two related crests: Intelligence and Ingenuity. Mario starts off at POW 1 with 1 INT.  When he/she levels up, he will gain 1 INT plus 1 for each INT-crest the player has earned or has a party member that has it. So, lets say the player gained the Ingenuity crest at level 10, and teamed up with a Intelligence crest at level 20. To find out the INT at a specific level, you would need to do the following:

  • for POW 1-10, just add 1 INT for each level, maxing out at 10.
  • for POW 11-20, just add 2 INT for each level, starting at 10 and maxing out at 30.
  • for POW 20 and upward, just add 3 INT for each level, starting at 30.

Now, in addition, there are more ways to customize your character.
# if you were a High Thinker Form at time of winning a battle, and did so for 50 battles not necessarily in a row), you get more INT added directly on.   
# Going through specific training will also give a boost to your INT (or what ever stat the training is for) quickly, but it will come at a cost.

I just have one small problem with decision-based distributions: how will the crests fit in? will they change the modifier? i mean, they are meant to alter the amount-gained-per-level (similar to how acceleration is a change in velocity, which itself is a change in distance); so it sort-of-makes sense.

Personally, if we allow the players 3-5 to start off with, and 3-5 for every level (and that is the only method of stat-ing up we include) then i fear most people we put there points in to same stats as other people have put it in.

It may give them less creative control, but I'm a fan of each member of a race having their stat go up or down as per a specific rate. This way we don't have a goron with low LP and SP (and I'm not speaking lower-than-average for a goron; i mean low altogether).

But this is just my opinion. 

I do, however, like the +'s and -'s.
Quote from: mtn_otter on May 14, 2010, 01:31:53 AM

shall we consider this the second race?


Personally, I would like to do this D&D style. Specifically, each player is given a certain number of points(let's say 30 for now) which they can divide up among their points how ever they want, but no particular stat can exceed six before the modifiers are added.  After they decide, the modifiers are added.  The race modifiers them selves should not be higher than 4 or lower than -4, and they should add up to about 1. After modifiers are added, any articular stat can be(at most) 10 or (at least) -3.

Also, crests seem to be more for affecting stats upon level up, while the modifiers are for stats on a character's creation.

And, go ahead, add those numbers to the Goron page. I'll go work on the modifiers for the other races.
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Alright, considering i have limited D&D experience, and since that's the gold standard of RPG's (i'm more of a Pokemon player myself), i'll concede of this point.

Without crests, with they get 0 or 1 point per level up? (aside from/in addition to RP bonuses, DM gifts, 5-points that go to anything, etc).


Without crests, let's say 1 for now.
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Alright that makes sense.

On to the next sub-topic:
with only 7 days left, and the wiki now setup to go, I've been working on the method for organizing the content on the wiki. Similar to pipe projects on smw, and ZELDA on zw.org, these areas of the wiki would each be headed by a specific wiki-project team. They can't claim exclusive domain over the respective pages, nor are members of the team restricted to only those pages.

With the way my mind works, i find it best to color-code each "areas of the wiki" and have any related template to a given area use that area's color as its primary color.

By color, here's what i have so far:

  • red - introduction pages
  • orange - policies
  • yellow - resources for storytellers, assistant gms, guild leaders, etc.
  • green - races
  • blue - guilds
  • purple - ???
  • white - key threads
  • grey - ???
  • black - administration/wiki-projects

Now, if this sounds good, would anybody be of interest in leading the wiki-project team for a specific area? Personally, i'm most interested in resources, followed by policies and then races. But that's just me.

in addition, what area's of the game do you think should also get a color?

(also, nothing is set in stone. if you think one of the one's list shouldn't be a wiki-project, tell me).


I can have been working on races, so I can help there.

And I'm not entirely sure what storytelling is in this context, but to me it sounds like making the back story, which I can work on.

And I'm assuming Zelda Wiki and SM Wiki don't mind if I "borrow" a few pictures for the races?
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personally, i think story tellers are people who orchestrate large scale events, game-wide catastrophic, and other big things; but mainly on the story side of the game (as opposed to the gameplay-side, where the mechanics, rules and other stuff are).

And for "borrowing", so long as we attribute/cite/source it the picture to their wiki, i don't see it as being a problem.

Ok, so i started to put together this page, to help with information on races, but not specific to anyone race. On it you will find recommended templates, sections, etc. that i simply copied from another page.

Over time, i recommend you, along with anyone else who decides to join you, make into a resource for members of the wikiproject team. In addition, you may place game-related content on the page, but I recommend you save that for a different page (like, in the main namespace), and simply look

On the page, you will find two very useful templates: RaceInfoBox and (when i get it ready) racessp.

The first one, like other infoboxes found on other wikis, is (or will be) designed to provide brief information that can be said about every race (like, stat modifications).

The second one is meant to serve as a portal for all race related information, requested articles, etc.

Please note, what i have started here is very basic. I am hoping more people come in and change it to their liking.


Main, Rules and signup threads are up!!!  :eekdance:.

There are still somethings i need to work out (like cards, crests, the importance of AP and Int, etc), and i will be posting on them soon (either here, on a new thread, or on the wiki).

if you have a few minutes, please look back at through this thread and see if we are missing anything. If so, please reply that i should add it in before Saturday. I will do my best to include it in this thread, in one of the ones i will be making tommow/Friday/Saturday and/or one of us should see to it that it is in the wiki.

I know i said i would include things, and i am trying to make sure i do so. Thank you for all your help with this, and with everything.

alright, a few final things to take note of before we start (unless we push it back a week),

1) we are still going to need to figure out how moves work. So far, this is what i got so far:
a) When you perform a move, the moves costs a specific amount of AP (regardless if the move is physical or magical). Once you are out of AP, you can not perform any more moves until you get more. You are still free to defend tho
b) Moves can be one or more of the following types: Physical, Elemental, Magical, Technological.
c) the timing of a move being able to be learned is tied to the character's  Int, rather than there level. This means a character who focuses on Int over the other stats will learn moves faster, possibly even before they have reasonable numbers in the other stats.
2) we need figure out how damage is calculated


Well, unless i am missing something, i see nothing else that really needs to be done before we start. Well, there is stuff that still needs to be figured out, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Which means we begin in 4 and 1/2 hours! (unless someone thinks it a good idea to delay it).

by the way, I am working on This wiki page. Anyone interested in helping?

Edit:We've started!


I have some free time today, with everything I need to work on before i leave on Thursday pretty much done, so i figured i bring out one of my old game projects to work on: my Tabletop RPG based on the Pokemon universe.

Would anyone be interested in reading it?


Does Pokemon Monopoly count?