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The Legendary Starfy test rooms found

Started by Torchickens, March 04, 2012, 06:42:04 PM

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Following some recently found unused maps and other unused content from Super Princess Peach found by "Ragey". (i.e. another game co-developed by Nintendo and TOSE which has a secret "Starfish" enemy which is Starfy wearing sunglasses) I decided to look at The Legendary Starfy's engine to see if its level maps were stored the same. Sure enough, like Super Princess Peach, the next levels have an index number +256 (giving room for up to 256 rooms per valid level if the developers make space for it) and the equivalent level belonging to the next world is +65535.

I've found a number of test rooms, some with relatively small index numbers, belonging to a World 0 (it appears as a space). You can find a gallery of all of them I've found so far here.

World 0 map. It's basically a copy of Gluglug Lagoon but it has levels which can be connected to form a fish:

Some test maps include:

No. 775:

It's looks like a stage used to test Starly's Low Spin and Wall Jump abilities. There are a number of large rooms like these (all with low index numbers), for example one of them has a giant platform with a pool for Starly to Wall Jump to. Another one of these rooms is full of just empty space. There is another which only contains water with a strong current to knock Starfy or Starly back.

No. 22522:

It's a stage with Lobber's Cottage background from Densetsu no Starfy 4! It looks a little glitchy from the ground. There were three Pearls in this screenshot before I collected them.

No. 102779:

Another one of these stages, using a background from Densetsu no Starfy 4's Pulling Ahead Lake. It's a large room with a giant pool of water for Starfy or Starly to swim in. There also seems to be an invisible staircase of some sort which you can walk on.

No. 1024:

It's a copy of the last room in Gluglug Lagoon (1-1) set in 'World 0'. When you approach Moe, an empty speech bubble is shown. Exiting the level brings you to the World 0 map above. This one is in "0-4".

I didn't want to post any more on this thread as it would extend the page. I plan on looking for unused maps in Densetsu no Starfy 4, but there are no save files on the Internet, and I don't know how to upload my own. It is difficult to find the addresses because you can only select stages and worlds freely once you complete the main game at least once.
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