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Lazor Shroom Midna Freak:
ITT, talk about websites.

My two favorite sites are Homestar Runner and the Mario Wiki Forums (here).


--- Quote ---The Rules
9. Posting advertising threads is not allowed, unless permission is given by a staff member.
--- End quote ---

Your thread is advertising, which is against the rules.  The only real advertising which happens here involves getting another wiki to join the alliance.  However, you can feel free to make another thread talking about internet memes, etc... as long as there are no advertisments.


Garlic Man:
Advertising? Are you sure it wasn't just her sharing her interest in Homestar Runner and Mario?

If it links, it's advertising.  Yes, she was showing interest but was also advertising.

Garlic Man:
Just linking to something is not advertising. There have been links to facebook, NIWA, various Wikis, YouTube, and others posted here, none of which are against the rules(As long as there are not threads entirely devoted to advertising a product/website/etc.)

 Thread unlocked.


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