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Started by dkpat, October 23, 2012, 11:21:11 PM

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Thank everyone who's replied so far for some great check-ins!  There is only a few of us who haven't replied yet and I'd like to track down a few of them. Does anyone have a way to contact Wars Wiki? The wiki itself has been left to spam bots... the remaining members I can get a hold of but I'm not sure how to contact Wars Wiki.


Hello, this is Wraith (Peanut64) of Pikmin Fanon Wiki. I am a Bureaucrat there, and as far as I can see, activity has recessed recently. I personally have a heavy load to deal with but I try to maintain the site. There are some good contributors still but I don't expect to see much traffic until the release of Pikmin 3. In a nutshell, it's not much different than the usual activity. But I assure you, the users that frequent the wiki still do care, and I can foresee a comeback in the amount of users and quality of their content, come Pikmin 3.


Bulbapedia has been quite busy lately with the recent English release of B2W2. A bit of downtime last week due to our hosing service, but everything is back to normal now. We've also been getting a lot of spambots registering for a while now, although since we have a small edit and time requirement before they can create mainspace articles or userpages they generally don't succeed in actually doing anything. It's actually not the reason we initially implemented those restrictions, but it's doing a very good job at dealing with them.

How's the Asirra system working out for you with the spambots?

Hylian King

Hylian King here checking in for Zelda Wiki.

Activity is pretty much the same as always, if a bit higher now with the appearance of a few enthusiastic new users. For a while it was just me holding down the fort while the other active staff were busy, but now we seem to be back up to our regular 4-5 staff.

We've seen a recent spike in spam/vandalism, too. Also, since last week several accounts are being created by the same person (we're assuming that since all the usernames are similar) but aren't traceable to a specific IP address; only handfuls of them share the same IP. So far none of them have been used for editing.

Server problems have always been our #1 issue, but everything seems OK since our latest move to Windows Azure. Oh, and we haven't been able to upload .ogg files since March. But other than that everything's just peachy =)


Can't upload ogg files?  kinda odd... if you want, i could assist and figure out why, and hopefully fix that problem.
~The Legendary Raccoon-Fox

Hylian King

That would be great, actually. Whenever we try to upload an .ogg, we get Error 500. Image files work fine, though.


A bit late to the party, but better late than never! Checking in for Nookipedia as a Director there.

Going back a few months, throughout the summer and early fall, things had been rather slow-ish, but were still kind-of alive with usually one or two enthusiastic users active at any given time. To top it off, our forums suffered an almost month-long downtime, but that has since been fixed. The staff were not very active during this time, unfortunately, save for me and a few check-ins by others.

However, over the last couple of months, we've really seen activity and editing start to increase again with the arrival of the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which has been released in Japan, and is to be released in America/Europe/Australia in early 2013. The new game brings tons of information to add, along with players searching for information on the game, causing more people to visit Nookipedia, and as a result, join and edit. Editors have begun focusing their editing on the new game, and I introduced a "news" section to the frontpage of Nookipedia to provide updates and info on the new game, which visitors seem to enjoy.

Staff have also begun to come back and really become active again, including one of our most active and productive members who had gone on hiatus, and Jake, our other Director who is in charge of server maintenance, which is great; we can expect activity to continue to rise as the English release of the game comes closer and closer, and as a result, more members and staff. I've just introduced a "schedule" to Nookipedia's staff, where each staff member will be responsible for checking in on the wiki at least one day a week, which will ensure that a variety of staff are actively available on the wiki.

So yep. I'm pleased to say that everything is going well and picking up again :)


That's wonderful news SuperHamster! Maybe one day you'll be a premier wiki like Bulbapedia, Smash Wiki, Zelda Wiki, Super Mario Wiki, and Strategy Wiki.