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Asirra not working properly

Started by Torchickens, July 06, 2013, 06:12:05 PM

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I wanted to make a new page on NintendoWiki that included new external links, so I get the Captcha, but whenever I select all the pictures of cats and submit the page it doesn't work as if I got it wrong. It isn't the wrong interface text either, as selecting all the pictures of dogs causes the same problem. I've got around the problem somewhat by adding <!-- --> to references but that means you can't see them.

I hope someone can fix this.
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I'm not getting this - just tried to create an account, and had no issues.

Edit: never mind, just tried some external links, and the captcha just reloads in an infinite loop - it doesn't even say if I got the cat photos right or wrong, it just loads the edit page over and over again. Maybe updating the extension will fix it?
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