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Advice for a new comer?

Started by Darkanine, February 18, 2018, 10:24:07 PM

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First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong board, or if this has been answered a million times or so. I did browse the WikiReference board to see if this was asked/answered before but the most similar thread I found was about the wiki installation process itself.

So, I never early contributed to a NIWA wiki but I'm a long time lurker of Wikimon and to a lesser extent, dragon-quest.org, mariowiki and khwiki, and somewhat recently thanks to you guys and Wikisimpsons, I felt inspired to try and start my own independent wiki. After lots of trial and error, I managed to get my own domain and install MW and made my own independent wiki. I have a decent amount of background in Wiki editing with basic knowledge of CSS and I think I managed to create something halfway decent looking. Anyway, I'm a little uneasy about typing this up since I tend to be the type to try and figure out everything on my own but after two months of thinking something is just "off". I decided to post a thread here since I plan on, in the distant future when most of these problems are hopefully resolved, I would like my site to become a wiki affiliate.


  • I read that their was a start up guide that only staff members could see. If it's possible, could a staff member PM me the guide, or inform me of the gist? I would be very appreciative.
  • Are there any common pitfalls or trappings I should avoid?
  • Are there any guides on how to efficiently design a home page to be comprehensive while also good looking? I ask because I felt like my home page is currently only "half way done". I modeled it after a blend between the Batman Wiki, Spider-Man Wiki, Wikizilla.org and the KitaWiki and while I think it looks decent enough, I feel like the informative aspect of the page is rather lacking. A news and site update column is currently in development.
  • I noticed some Wikis have banners at the top of the screen, and some are intractable. I wanted to know if anyone knows how to do that?
  • And lastly, are affiliates held to the same standards as actual members of NIWA?
  • Any basic advice one could give about running a wiki? I'm an admin on two fairly popular wikis, but I don't really "run" them. The only other wiki I ever really ran has a very small community and I kinda "winged it" to mixed results.
Thanks to anyone who responds to this. I felt like I bit off a lot more then I can chew with this project, but at the same time I've had tons of fun with the project so far.


Sorry no one has gotten back to you on this, but this thread didn't show up in any way to see if there are new threads and honestly, I don't check here often anymore.

Anyway, welcome to the forums! Pretty cool that you are starting off your own and thanks for saying we inspired you.

I can only answer some of the things you asked for, since it has been many years since I started and I am bit fuzzy on the details myself.

  • I'll send you the roadmap.
  • For a page banner at the top of the wiki, I think you are looking for the Site Notice. Not sure what intractable means, though.
  • Affiliates are not held to the same standards as members

If you are on discord, feel free to send me a friend request at tacopill#1781.

Good luck with it :).