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What should happen with the Metroid page?

Started by tacopill, August 26, 2013, 02:05:52 AM

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What should happen with the Metroid page?

Redirect [[Metroid]] to [[Metroid (game)]]
0 (0%)
Make [[Metroid]] a disambiguation page
10 (90.9%)
Keep [[Metroid]] redirecting to [[Metroid (series)]]
1 (9.1%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: September 25, 2013, 02:05:52 AM


I've been changing the Classic NES series links, to be the title of the Game itself, sans prefix, and show the prefix+title as the visible text in some cases, or just the prefix in others.

At the same time, [[Metroid]] currently redirects to the series page, instead of to the first game.

so, when I put [[Metroid|Classic NES Series:Metroid]], it sends me to the series, and [[Classic NES Series: Metroid]] is a double redirect.

the ideas of how I can fix this so far, is:
1. change [[Metroid]] and [[Classic NES Series:Metroid]] to a redirect to [[Metroid (game)]]
2. have the links of the Classic NES Series to the (game) article, as the original Donkey Kong game of this series is.
3. set up [[Metroid]] as a disambiguation page, like this Pikmin Disambiguation Page

So, what is your opinion on the matter? should we form one or more standardizations out of this problem?


Redirecting Classic NES Series:Metroid to Metroid (game) would work then redirect Metroid to a disambiguation page maybe
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"Metroid" into a disambiguation page, linking to the Metroid series, the first game and the article on Metroids (the creatures) on Metroid Wiki. "Classic NES series: Metroid" and similar ones should redirect either to the first game or perhaps the "Classic NES series" article, regardless of what happens to "Metroid", as that title can never refer to the series (or the creature). As for the general way to handle it for similar cases where a game has the (exact) title of the series, I am all for disambiguations, as I don't think either meaning is necessarily more "expected" than the other.


Zelda Wiki has a disambiguation page for The Legend of Zelda, given how many possible meanings it could hold, so I would suggest the same for Metroid Wiki. Of course, you're all free to do whatever the hey you please.
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Looks like we're making it a disambiguation page. Though, depending on the outcome of this poll, it may yet end up becoming a redirect to [[Metroid (disambiguation)]].

Edit: it's already happened.
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