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I love The Amazing Race, (No spoliers!!!), 2 and a half men, the big bang theory, music channels, drake and josh, and the old cartoons  :police:

I've been re-watching arrested development. :3
LOVE that series. It's so hillarious.

Also, been trying to watch Battlestar Galactica.
A friend said it was good, and so far it's ookayy.

I don't actually have television channels right now,
so everything I watch is via internet. DX

Zesty Cactus:
I almost never watch TV. Having said that, I like Intervention and Antiques Roadshow. Simpsons is pretty cool too.

Homer Simpson:

--- Quote from: Nerdy Guy on February 16, 2010, 06:35:19 PM ---Not exactly as good anymore, but there's still something to laugh about in each episode.

--- End quote ---
Yea, I know, the older episodes were amazing.

Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever.</thread>


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