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Status update on some sites

Started by tacopill, February 18, 2014, 12:13:23 AM

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As some of you may have noticed, certain sites have been offline since last week. What happened to those sites, and more the server overall, is this:

Our MySQL engine died.

Now, this happened to be around the time we were also thinking about getting a larger machine, and were going to also work with the sites to reduce their respective server load.

the combination of all this, tied with recommendation for a faster (and more powerful) server, has kept the sites offline until we have everything set up.

I apologize for the delay in getting these back up. When they are back, they will be loading and running faster than before, not to mention, be more stable.

The sites affected by this include: Lylat Wiki, WiKirby, Fire Emblem Wiki, SEIWA Network, Wikibound, Zelda Sanctuary Network and Tales of Lanschilandia.

Please stay tuned to this thread, and we will keep you updated as soon as we have information.
- Tacopill, Dillion, Moydow, Ringtailed Fox and Sove.


i'm working as fast as i can... been busy the past 2 months with gutting a duplex, and battling a cold at the same time, but i'm still going to do my best to get things running as soon as i can.
~The Legendary Raccoon-Fox


Today we did get quite a few things done.

Tales of Lanschilandia is completely working now.
The Wiki websites we are just starting to work on, trying to start them off clean.
Zelda Sanctuary Network is pretty close to being ready to go once again.

Within the next few day, expect to see the wikis slowly coming back up. :D


Current Status update:
Zelda Santuary's core website (WP, Wiki, Forums), and Zelda Resource are up. Other sub-sites are not currently up from various questions that we need answered and such.

Wikirby, Fire Emblem Wiki, SEW, and Wikibound are all online and functioning, but they have not been cleaned up. The databases for these websites have been cleaned, but extensions and local settings need to be cleaned.

Lylat Wiki is a WIP. We are cleaning it before putting it up, and Moydow and I have mostly got it figured out. It is just a matter of uploading the latest extensions still enabled to the wiki.


Every Wiki is up and functioning again. Thanks for the patience everyone! :)


now that we have the sites back up, it is on to phase 2.  ;D

Starting Feb. 22, each site under my care (hosting and/or staffing) will be going through a cleanup cycle that will last a week, running from Saturday to Friday, after which a new wiki is chosen.

If this cleanup program is successful, it may be repeated later on in the year.

While specific tasks will vary from site to site, in general the following tasks are what needs to be worked on:

  • Clean up the CSS: remove classes that are no longer used
  • Clean up the Javascript
  • Block the spam accounts, clean up the spam they left behind
  • Simplify the templates
  • Clean up the main page
  • Remove project pages, templates, etc. that are no longer of use.
  • Remove unused extensions
  • Declutter LocalSettings.php
  • Clean up at least 5 articles for grammar, being out of date, etc.
  • See if contact can be made with staff members of the wiki.
  • Clean up Interwiki tables

We are asking people from every wiki to pitch in and help get these tasks done.

Thank you,



We now have a finalized list of when we plan to come to each wiki to help clean it up, make it faster, better, etc.   :D. With some looking around, we also want to help some of the other wikis that aren't hosted and/or staffed by members of the team. :)

  • Feb. 22 - Lylat Wiki
  • Mar. 1 - Wikibound
  • Mar. 8th - Fire Emblem Wiki
  • Mar. 15th - SEIWA & SEW
  • Mar. 22th - N Wiki
  • Mar. 29th - DK Wiki
  • Apr. 5th - Wars Wiki
  • Apr. 12th - F-Zero Wiki
  • Apr. 19th - Icaruspedia
  • Apr. 26th - Wikirby


This is a good idea.  I am hoping to contribute.  Where should stuff that is found be posted?  Here in this thread?

Some of the items on the list are good ones, but fairly challenging to do without investing some time to determine usage of templates/extensions etc. 


You can post them here, or presumably on the appropriate community page of the wiki (e.g. Ostia Square on FE Wiki).

Sitrep: We're currently into week 2: WikiBound, and so far we've done the extensions, spam accounts, interwiki table, CSS, JS, and LocalSettings.
NIWA Coordinator


Quote from: FlyingRagnar on March 03, 2014, 08:46:36 PM
Some of the items on the list are good ones, but fairly challenging to do without investing some time to determine usage of templates/extensions etc.

This is actually why we focus on one week at a time, so we can get down to the nity-grity details, and not try to work on multiple sites at once.


Good to hear they are still going