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HELP: WiKirby Doesn't Think I Exist

Started by EzloSpirit, May 06, 2014, 04:02:33 AM

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Hey, NIWAmon! I'm only posting this here because I can't get ahold of the WiKirby staff without an account (see below), and going by the WR Board rules thread, this seems to be the place to put this.

So I joined WiKirby a couple years ago, and while I haven't been particularly active, I decided to do the wiki a favor today when I noticed that no article had been created for the new Kirby game...even three days after its international release. When I went to log in, this is what I got:

At first, I thought it was an error in my password---it has been a while, after all, and I'm not positive what my password is, anymore---but when I went to reset my password, this is what I got each of the 10+ times I tried to reset:

(just with my actual email address where the "...redacted" thing is)

Aaaaaaand, I never received an email for resetting my password.

I am certain I have an account on WiKirby because

I tried clearing my cookies and my cache, but no dice. I also was able to log into my Zelda Wiki account, so it's probably not an issue with MediaWiki and my browser/computer.

I'd appreciate any help anybody would have to offer me; my Userpage needs updating, and the wiki needs a Triple Deluxe article! (Somebody'll probably beat me to the latter at this point, though lol.) Thanks in advance!



Due to some issues with the wiki's database a few months ago, all information on user accounts (except user pages) was lost. This means that you will need to register your account again. After you register your account, we can restore your contributions and edit count. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Additionally, this happened after the Wikirby.com domain expired and Adam wasn't able to renew it. The site was forked or something to Wikirby.us, and people had to re-register. Soon Wikirby.com was re-registered by Adam and Wikirby.us was made a redirect, then Wikirby.us eventually changed to a 'default web page' page.

I don't know if the current Wikirby.com is based on the Wikirby.us database.
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Ah! Everything suddenly makes sense! (Everything!) I knew something had happened to the MySQL databases and such; I just didn't know what that had resulted in.

Thanks for the answers! I'ma go register my clone now! (Nega-EzloSpirit)


Maybe losing user information is a good thing in a world where every little thing we do on the internet is tracked.