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What happened?

Started by immewnity, April 26, 2015, 04:43:26 AM

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The wiki is in complete disarray - aside from the rampant errors, content isn't even viewable. Are there plans to revive the wiki?


Archaic talked to the server tech and they found that (apparently) the problem is that MediaWiki is out of date, and updating it will fix the problem. Hopefully when MediaWiki is updated the wiki will be functionable again soon.
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Any news?  Looks like there's a hacky patch available (from here) which might apply to the current version, if it's going to take much longer.


I'd like to offer help if it's needed for this; I'm a php coder, as I maintain the custom skin and several customized extensions for DoomWiki.org. I'd have to be given temporary access to the server with sufficient rights to modify any of the MediaWiki components, however. This seems like a relatively simple issue that should be patchable in a few minutes to an hour, though, I'd heavily recommend upgrading to a newer MediaWiki as soon as it is practical, as 1.21.1 is no longer supported to any degree.


With no news on the upgrade, I applied the patch I linked, and it seems to have worked.


Good to see it back in action.


just used it recently. super thankful