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Started by tacopill, March 02, 2018, 04:24:32 AM

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If you are on discord and want to join our conversations, please head to one of the following invite links:

Arms Institute - https://discord.gg/THjPGJA
Bulbagarden / Bulbapedia - http://discord.gg/bulbagarden
Hard Drop Wiki - https://discord.gg/harddrop
Fire Emblem Wiki Discord - https://discord.gg/2vda7Zy
Nookipedia - https://discordapp.com/invite/5Sfg3CT
Smash Wiki - https://discord.gg/s8jkKBK
Super Mario Wiki - https://discord.gg/JxcXw7Q
Wikirby - https://discord.gg/4y9BPyj
Zelda Wiki - https://discord.gg/3EBnBuA
ABXY - Video Game Wikis (F-Zero Wiki, Lylat Wiki, Icaruspedia, Inkipedia, MetroidWiki, StrategyWiki, Wars Wiki, Wikibound) https://discord.gg/pYghWh3

PokéWiki - https://discord.gg/4DeUWpu
Super Mario Forum - https://discord.gg/mXA6bR8
Super Mario Wiki - https://discord.gg/F5yw3XH

Poképédia - https://discord.gg/Ct3pgvn

Alternatively, I'm at tacopill#1781. Feel free to send me an friend request.

This list, along with other social media stuff, is available here: http://niwanetwork.org/wiki/NintendoWiki:Community_portal.