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Rival Name

Started by Member#36, May 02, 2010, 11:47:11 PM

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While "Gary" is fine and dandy... curses or even "Flapjack" are names no rival should be without. So, what do you name your rival and why?


For some odd reason, I always name mine "FLASH". :|


I tend to give them the 'cannon' name


"Stalker" was always one of my favorites. :)


I pick someone who deserves my vengeance.......*evil laugh*

More seriously, it's someone i've imagined, but never obtained, beating at a game in real life (like my brother) or someone i currently using as an anger cushion (Like a pillow).

Video Games help me act out without hurting anyone.... :D.


I name my rivals after the Team Bio Admins in my fic; Wakizashi (abbreviated to W-zashi), Katana, Shinai, and Kunai.  Kunai, who is the most evil, is the name of my rival in Red and Silver, the games I take the most seriously.

Pearl is the only exception.  I always name him Torrie, after the central protagonist of my fanfic.


Who here is lazy and named your rival "Rival"?  ...I know you are out there.


Well, I named mine "Mirror" once, but I've never called mine "Rival".

Level 3

I named the rival Rival once.
rarely i go for random names like Bucket (did that once)

Admin at the F-Zero Wiki.


FRO(fire red Omega):gary
Get fired up!:)
steam name:Mudkip



I'm naming my next one ILoveYou