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Mushrule RPG:Central Thread

Started by tacopill, May 20, 2010, 05:56:52 AM

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(Notice:Real world details that are time related should be given in UTC, in order to promote fairness amongst the timezones, daylight savings time preferences, etc. If you do not know what your local time conversion is, please follow this link and convert to and from your local time accordingly. Alternatively, you may check the current UTC, and do the conversions with that).

Welcome to Mushrule RPG, the(a) NIWA Forum-based RPG. The game officially begins at 00:00 (Midnight) UTC on Sunday, May 23nd (so, 23:30 would of been on May 22nd), but i am putting up details now for people to get the details.  Click here to learn how to play.

The game is set catastrophic-ridden land of "Mushrule", where the worlds/universes of Mario and Zelda have come clashing together and many casualties have been reported on both sides (Including both Mario Bros and Princess Zelda). The players are Player-created characters who may be from any of the following 22 races, 11 from each universe:

Hyrule: Hylian • Scrub • Fairy • Gerudo • Goron • Kokiri • Oocca • Sheikah • Twili • Zora • Keaton
Mushroom Kingdom: Birdo • Bob-omb • Boo • Cheep-Cheep • Duplighost • Goomba • Human • Koopa • Pianta • Shy Guy • Yoshi

Players are encouraged to use the NIWA Wiki's for help, but are also recommended to visit and contribute the game's section on Mario Fanon Wiki. Please do not put any in-game content on the other wikis.

In addition to races, a player is recommended to choose a fighter class and either seek out or start a guild.

Links to other threads:

This thread is the main hub of the game. As i don't want it bogged down with rules clarifications, item details, etc. i am keeping it mainly to things that effect the game as a whole, and locking the topic. Discussion on the game is currently being held in this thread please go there to ask questions while we get everything set up.

When we do have everything set up, i may use this as a place to make announcements, so please check back periodicly and/or turn on notifications of replies.

Thank you for reading,


Volatile Dweevil

This is probably not where I should address this, but I couldn't think of anywhere else. The "how to play" link does not work.


Thank you for telling me this. I have moved the information over to Mario Fanon Wiki, and have forgetten to change the links here.   :laugh: