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Mushrule RPG:Stats

Started by tacopill, May 22, 2010, 02:34:39 PM

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(Notice:This is a thread focused on giving basics, details, explainations and clarifications on stats for the Forum-based-RPG, called "Mushrule RPG", located right here on the NIWA Forums. The central thread for all information on this game is located here. Please visit it if you need more info on the game, are interested in joining or anything related, but is not-stats-based)

In our battle system, there are several stats, or numeric values representing attributes such as physical strength and mental capacity. Please note: we currently are only using 7 of these stats. As the game continues, we will include the other stats as we need to, and as they fit into the game stats. The "inactive" stats are marked with a *.

General Stats - determined by playing and/or dm bonuses.
Power Level (PL) increases with the completion of each story arc and increases the other points with its increase. (0)
Evolution Points (EP) determines whether or not the character can become a more advanced character or not. (0) *

Battle stats - determined by Race
Life Points (L.P.) determine how long the character can stand the battle before being called out. (2)
Attack Points (At.) determine how long until your move energy runs out. Each attack you make (regardless of its type) drains from this, and when you reach 0, all you can do is defend. (5)
Evade Points (Eva) determines how many blows actually hit you. (3)
Intelligence Points (In.) determine whether or not the character can learn a new attack. (4)

Computation stats - also Determined by race
When a battle goes on, there are 3 factors that determine how you do:
Strength Points (SP) determines how much damage the character is capable of dealing. (6)
Endure Points (En.) determine how much damage an attack causes to your character. (1)
Sage Points (SaP) represent your mastery over magic, and when combined with Strength Points, represents how much magical damage you can deal. When combined with Endure Points, how much magic you can take. (0)

Non-Battle stats - Determined by other things.
Happiness - kind of obvious (7) *
Food Points - starts off at 100 ( 8 ) *

  • Things that change it: candy - subtract; vegetables - add; etc.
  • Things that depend on it: depends on character, (possibilities include are some may heal buy itself, others use moves that depend on this)
Wisdom - How much world knowledge does the person have? (9) *
Charasmia - how easily can they persuade others? (10) *
Badass - How well do you override the laws of physics, reason-ability and logic? Can you perform feats that summon-some-awe? (11) *

Now, each stat is followed by a number at the end of it's description.  If the number is a 0, it can only raised when the character levels up,  and only at a specific rate based on the character's race, personality  or other factors determined at creation. The numbers 1-6, in addition to raising when the character's P.L. go up, can get a boost to the rate that it would go up with certain items called crests. These stats can also be changed with specific type of training. Each number can be used as an easy reference to that specific stat, which will be helpful in describing crests and training. Numbers 7 on up are changed by other things.

One thing to notice, there will be specific items that can only be used based on a character's stats (again, the first 6 numbered above) or something the character has achieved or experienced. These items are pretty much like cards, and when activated, can transform a character into one of 18 forms. Each form can enable them to do something amazing that is somewhat based on the stat's it requires. In addition, being in the form will open new doors, allow the character to use new moves, and other things. And for sake of a better name, Each form is called a "card form" when the transformation is active.

Crests and Cards are hidden throughout out the world, and only one of each are said to exist (and, in reality, do exist). In total, There are 10 crests and 18 cards to be found.

Stat Calculations
When a character levels up, each stat goes up by a specific amount. Depending on the stat, this can be based off of race, or personality, etc. But, for specific stats, this amount can be increased when a character has a specific crest in their possession. For every level up from that point on, the character will go up by both amounts.

For example, INT has two related crests: Intelligence and Ingenuity. Mario starts off at POW 1 with 1 INT.  When he/she levels up, he will gain 1 INT plus 1 for each INT-crest the player has earned or has a party member that has it. So, lets say the player gained the Ingenuity crest at level 10, and teamed up with a Intelligence crest at level 20. To find out the INT at a specific level, you would need to do the following:

  • for POW 1-10, just add 1 INT for each level, maxing out at 10.
  • for POW 11-20, just add 2 INT for each level, starting at 10 and maxing out at 30.
  • for POW 20 and upward, just add 3 INT for each level, starting at 30.

Now, in addition, there are more ways to customize your character.
# if you were a High Thinker Form at time of winning a battle, and did so for 50 battles not necessarily in a row), you get more INT added directly on.  
# Going through specific training will also give a boost to your INT (or what ever stat the training is for) quickly, but it will come at a cost.
Now, to help distinguish between Fighter Class and Card Form (as i can see them getting mixed up), He's a quick recap:

  • Fighter Class - specializes in 2 of the 6 malleable stats, in addition too specializing in a specific range of fighting (short-, mid- or long-range) and  specializing in certain group of moves (Weapons, Magic, Healer, Equipment Repairer).
  • Card Form - requires specific requirements to be fulfilled (which can be stats based) before using the card to transform into the requested form.

(o, and i apologize to anyone was going for some kind of "Top Topic Starters" award. This game sort-of pushes me up unfairly.)


I think a charisma stat would be nice