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Support buttons or something?

Started by Seritinajii, June 10, 2010, 02:36:11 AM

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Is there any way to show support other than joining NIWA with a Nintendo wiki? I don't have any wiki, but I do have a site and I'd like very much to show my support. I think this is a great cause, but I don't see any way to show that anywhere easily.

I have a site and hope to spread word of this (planning to post a topic about NIWA on quite a big forum), and I have a suggestion: why not have some support buttons? They could be animated or not, and they could just have NIWA's logo or something. I think it'd be a great idea, since people would be curious and try clicking on this mysterious link. Although my website doesn't get that many views, I believe it still would be pretty effective.

Any thoughts? By the way, the forum I mentioned is specifically The Cave of Dragonflies Forums, of which NIWA has had no mention. Time to go post....


This is something I wanted : here for any site willing to post NIWA news. But so far only ZeldaInformer has added themselves.


I'm not sure if I can report on NIWA news, but I would still like to at least have a button. Although right now I can't really do much, because my site is down, I'm sure others could help like that.


I'm using that one, it's the standard sized affiliate button, you can color it whatever to fit your site.


You could wave a NIWA flag on your front porch!