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MediaWiki Information
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:20:59 PM »
MediaWiki's Main Site

MediaWiki is an open-source software suite that powers many popular community-edited sites, such as Wikipedia, as well as the wikis that make up the NIWA. MediaWiki allows people from all over the globe to collaboratively build encylopedia-like websites with ease.

MediaWiki is the product of the MediaWiki Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to make the sum of all human knowledge readily available to anyone who wants it. Although they are far from reaching that goal, Wikipedia has become their good first step - luckily for us, the MediaWiki Foundation also wishes to share the software that runs their many informative websites.

MediaWiki uses a special formatting language called wiki markup to format its article pages and content. Wiki markup is easy to learn, making wikis easy to contribute to by pretty much anybody who frequents the internet. In this way, we encourage everyone to get out there and begin contributing to the wikis in the NIWA - the gamer community thanks you for imparting your knowledge to it!
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