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Editors' Test Article

Started by Member#36, August 21, 2010, 12:54:15 AM

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The following is a test article editors may use to home in on their error catching abilities.  This article has spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other such errors which will need to be found during the test taking process.  Taking this test is completely optional, and may be done at any time at the discretion of the tester.  In order to take this test, all that is required is a text editing software such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad.  However, is is extremely recommended that any automated spell checking device on the software is turned off before the text of the test is copied to the document.  Any use of a spell checking device during a test can not be helped if decided upon by the tester, but please remember that it will not help you advance in your abilities.  Once copied, the test taker will manually edit out all the errors he/she may find.  Afterwards, the tester may use a spell checking software to discover the errors he/she may of missed.  Using a software to check for errors will not always result in every error being found, and may flag a correct portion wrong.  As such, a proofreader is highly recommended.  

If you have any questions or suggestions towards the article or its process, please contact me via the NIWA Forums PM system.   Credit to Tacopill for helping me with this. :P

The Test Article:

QuoteA instruction booklet is a brief manual of the the purchased game, as well as a disclaimer, for health, and legal, information.  These pamphlets are published by nintendo of america inc and therefore can be found in all casings of said video games created by nintendo.  Often seen on the front of each booklet is a cool image presenting the game by portraying the title, main protagonist(s), antagonist, and company name.  Although the contents of each publication may very from game to game; each follows a guideline, which, establishes a layout for the order of the information.The first few pages after the front cover holds warnings and CopyRight notices.  Printed red to get the reader's attention, they elucidate the hazards of gaining seizures, radio freqency inteference, eye strain, and battery leakage from game play and or overuse.  Afterwards are copyright and anti-piracy caveats which explain that warranties will be broken if such caveats are not in accordance with.   Many people think that it if unfair for Nintendo to not fix games or consols just because a player might of hacked it.  Nintendo should atleast get paid, but they wont even do that, its unfair.  Succeeding business information is a transition to inn-game details, starting with the table of contents.  Due too some things in one game not exsisting in another game, the table of contents arranges the information in the following order, with some sections being titled differently from one game to another, guided buy the set layout.  story, controls, game screen, items, extras.  Some other pages may be added in between these primary sections, such as characters, or clues four the quest.Invariably first, the story or prolog section simply describes the plot before the events of the games Beginning as well as reveal the goal of the protagonist.  Next to or under each button name is usualy only a few words to help speed along understanding of the action basics in the purchased game.  Following is the game screen Guide, which presents the reader with the icon of each element, and a brief sentence on thier purpose.  included after is the background story about the protagonist and how the mane adventure begins.   Critical gameplay instructions follow, shown the action buttons of the consol used to play the game, and how each button works in gameplay.  These elements include but are not limited to the life gauge, main menu, maps, and the save feature.  Items, or handy collectibles in the game are addressed as equitable objects used to advance inn the game, and are described, as everything else, briefly.   Another transition takes place back too the boring business and legal information at the back-most page's after the in-game details are given.  The back page holds warranty and service information described the length of the warranty, the service promised bye the warranty, limitations, and contract information.  Lastly is the contact information on the back cover, showing nintendo's support website, the phone number the one who called can call for help, the time frame of availability, and the publishers address.