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New Members Thread

Started by Melchizedek, June 12, 2010, 03:35:59 AM

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Konnichiwa! I'm Star_Light. You might know as an admin at the Starfy Wiki! I came here to make it easier to contact me. That's all for now!


Welcome to NIWA!  I hope you enjoy your time here.


I have signed up days ago, but I have yet to properly introduce myself.

Hey everyone, I'm Kagegamer12 and I am also admin of the Starfy wiki. I came here because I'm simply a Nintendo fan and I want to actively contribute as much as I can especially towards the Starfy wiki so it can get the respect it deserves everywhere in the entire world!


Welcome to NIWA! Glad to have you guys around.


Hi  :)

I'm Pokémon Trainer Mario, or just PTM.


Quote from: PTM on May 22, 2011, 03:11:22 PM
Hi  :)

I'm Pokémon Trainer Mario, or just PTM.

Welcome to NIWA. Glad to have you around!


Hi, I'm Dusk, I'd registered longer time ago, but I've never seen this thread, so I just want to say hi.  :eekdance:


I'm Wario from StrategyWiki. Nice to meet you.  ;D



Hi, I'm Foxdude, started as Gliscorguy504 on Bulbapedia, until I realized I was no help at all..... So now I an official (pa)troller on the Lylat Wiki!


Hiya, I just joined up!  I'm EmblemQueen, also known as Stormy, and a member of the Fire Emblem wiki, so I decided to check this place out. :>

I also have my own Nintendo-related wiki, but it won't ever be eligible to join NIWA, so I won't talk about it. :P


Welcome, sadly not much happens around here anymore.

and what is this wiki you have?


Oh really?  That's a shame. D:

And my wiki is an FE fanfiction wiki.  Specifically for my fic and short stories related to it.



Lol I'm Soaroz. I'm part of Wikibound, Bulbapedia, and I'm about to join Nintendo Wiki. Lol, I didn't realize this was a thread until a while after I made my account...>_> ANYWAYS I know I know tacopill. xD (Wow, way to be blunt, right?) xD


I'm desertninja from nookipedia. I can kill trolls with my mind.
overkill is not enough


I HAVE FURY!!!                          Anyway sorry im paperwario89 a new new new new member i hope the members on here respect me. ;D


Welcome, too bad there aren't any member left here.


I'm captainmario111, I registered a few days ago but didn't know about this thread...xD I am a huge Nintendo fan especially Mario RPGs!!! :D



Hi, I'm Sky. I'm a Lead Editor on Nookipedia (where I'm the most active), and I've made a few edits on Super Mario Wiki.
Out of the NIWA wikis, I've probably used Bulbapedia the most for reference, but I never edited there because I couldn't find something for me to do.