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Gaming FML joke thread

Started by Axiomist, June 21, 2010, 06:10:58 AM

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I love these so I want one :P My friend Yianni and I put a lot of these together. But I figured to share the best of them. Actually I'm reposting these from ZT since no one joined that discussion.

Today, I realized I left something in the Great Palace. FML
Today, ??? wiped his ass with my land deed. FML
Today Vaati split me into four copies . FML
Today, I took a swig of my purple chu jelly and lost hearts. FML
Today, I forgot the Lost Woods directions. FML
Today I found a hidden cave, but the old man took my rupees for door repair. FML
Today Kaepora Gaebora gave me a lecture, Instead of paying attention, I just kept agreeing.

Today we learned that Ganondorf is the one responsible for this...again. FML
Today Saria said she can't leave the Forest Temple cause she's the Forest Sage. FML
Today Ganondorf played :i left my heart in San Fransisco on his piano

They brought me to the nearest hospital but it was in Raccoon City, FML
Today Umbrella launched a new product, but it spilled and I'm hungry for people. FML
Today the Umbrella Executives were mocking me for my blonde hair and sunglasses. FML
Today I solved a microwave puzzle to unlock the door, the hallway was filled with zombies pretending to be dead by the Green Herb. FML

Today i traveled to Greece, Egypt, and i discovered Atlantis. But i forgot to save. FML.
Today i got into a fight with Sephiroth. I got Poisoned, Cursed, died and had been Revived by a Phoenix Down. And he did it all over again.FML

Today, I got my new Varia suit, and people keep pointing me to the men's restroom. FML
Today, I used a plunger on the pipes, thought it was clear, sat down and a piranha plant snapped my ass. FML
Today Bowser teamed up with Wario,and kidnapped Peach,Daisy, and stole my pasta! FML!
Today i learned my daughter is the soul-half of Alessa Gilespie,and that this town is filled with her dark energy. FML
Today two Groaners and an Air Screamer attacked at the same time,so i was forced to waste Rifle Ammo. FML!!


Today, I must rescue a princess from a giant spiked turtle. FML.

Today, I got Captured again, as per a royal decree. FML.

Today, a Thief tricked me into opening the sacred realm for him. FML.

Today, I inhaled a spiky dude into to become spiky myself, and then my friends stopped calling me. FML.

Today, I was squished under someone's boot. FML. 

Today, I stepped on and sent flying into a pipe, which i bounced off of and hit another pipe. This continued forever! FML. >.<.

Today, I was sent flying off the stage by a disembodied glove. FML.

Today I was killed by the enemy nation, by them stepping on my building. FML!

Today, I withdrawn into my ball because I was lonely, not as a defense or offence mechanism,. FML.

Today, I realized i miss navi. FML.

Today, I lost to a gym leader....again. FML.

Today, I defeated a Legendary before I can could capture it. FML.

Today I realized I have to put back all the items i took, and I don't recall the dungeon order i got them in, FML.


Anyone here who wants to share the rules of this game?  ;)
"Will you stop?!!? What fools!
Haven't you begun to understand? The kingdom being ruined and us left in this state...
Isn't it petty, little battles like this that have caused it?
Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure...
These feelings have vanished from our hearts."
-Igos Du Ikana, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Quote from: Edofenrir on June 22, 2010, 07:30:35 PM
Anyone here who wants to share the rules of this game?  ;)

Pretend you are a character from a ga

me (in this case, a Nintendo game). In the first-person-perspective, detail a bad event, a negative aspect of your life, etc; then either end the sentence with FML or add FML as a new sentence after you completed what you wish to say.

So, for example:
Quote from: tacopill on June 21, 2010, 01:00:58 PM
Today, a Thief tricked me into opening the sacred realm for him. FML.

is told from link's perspective in LOZ:OOT after Ganon informs him how he just used link to do the leg work in getting the Spiritual Stones and unlocking the door to the sacred relm.

(I'll admit, i may of taken some creative liberties with that one.....but my point still stands.)


Today, I got tazered and I cross examined a parrot in court. FML

Today,  I caught a mythical bird that was talked about in numerous folk tales and stories known by every person on this continent, I walked in town with it, and no one cared. FML

Today, I got a god in a ball no bigger than the palm of my hand, and walked in town with it. FML

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I think I get it....

Today, I bought a silly mask that makes people laugh at me. FML



Today some Italian guy in a red suit with an "M" on his hat grabbed raped my tail and threw me into a zero-gravity, spiky bomb... FML

Today some monster made out of Poo keeps throwing his s*** at me and was singing horribly into my ear... FML


Today, I have to save my brother's girlfriend from a spiked turtle. FML

Today, I got hit by a blue shell from a red mustached plumber. FML

Today, I had to go inside the spiked turtle's intestines to save the world from a beanish toady. FML

Today, I had to fight Taboo. FML

Today, I had to wear a girl's dress to get kidnapped by a beanish witch and a beanish toady (again). FML


Quote from: ????  link=topic=286.msg5165#msg5165 date=1277311995
Today some Italian guy in a red suit with an "M" on his hat grabbed raped my tail and threw me into a zero-gravity, spiky bomb... FML


Today I raced King Dedede and won, but I gained 30 pounds from the streak of ice creams. FML

Today I got covered in ghoul rats with the depleted magic armor on, ball & chain in hand, iron boots on, and in the snow! FML!


Today, some rats stole my cake and I went onto an epic adventure to get it back. After killing them, I got it and realized it was missing a strawberry. FML


Today I was in the Clanker Wars level and grabbed myself four ninja stars.  After combining them in a pot, I ended up with a single boomerang.  FML.


Today I beat Ganondorf and obtained the whole Triforce, but Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was the one to use it and make a wish. FML.


Today, I beat Bowser, but the whole universe got sucked into a black hole. FML.


Today I fired a B.O.B laser gun and sucked the life out of a mole and King of Jinjos.  My sisters said it would take hours to recharge, but that stupid bear and bird got to my castle several weeks later and defeated me despite this. FML.  [Yay for in game time?]


Today, some witch kidnapped me and controlled my mind and body. FML
Today, some evil toady took stole my DNA and i had to battle him. FML
Today, I got hit in the funny bone with a hammer by a green mustached guy with a L on his hat. FML


Today, some huge spiked turtle with spiked toenails forced me to wear Peach's Dress. FML
Today, some doppleganger gets to defeat the evil Italian guy from the Mushroom World (In 3D), while I had to sit around in World 1-Tower for him to come around the corner a few years later. FML

Emerald Yoshi

Today, my life long journey to save Hyrule began...with an annoying fairy by my side.FML

Today, it was my birthday, my gift: being riden on by a fat Italian plumber and being forced to eat some turtle's minions. FML

Today, I found out that Nintendo doesn't want to release my game on the Virtual Conosle despite my series having #1&2 most wanted for a while in their magazine. FML
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Today, I only had one point of health left and my stupid CO sent me into battle because he was using a Super CO Power. FML.


Quote from: ????  link=topic=286.msg5165#msg5165 date=1277311995
Today some monster made out of Poo keeps throwing his s*** at me and was singing horribly into my ear... FML

Conquer FOR THE WIN!

Today, I found a hot chick but she was encased in a crystal and I had to save her. FML

Today, I landed on a planet full of dinosaurs but had to whack them with a staff instead of my gun. FML

Went a little Star Fox, there ;)
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