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Ace Attorney Wiki

Started by SMB, June 29, 2010, 11:59:16 PM

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Yes, as the title implies, there is an Ace Attorney Wiki out there. No, it is not a part of NIWA, but it would sure be great to see it become a member.

In short, the Ace Attorney series is a (relatively) Nintendo-exclusive series, although some of the games have been ported to the iPod as a playable game. The games in the series make for a captivating experience, it would add a lot to NIWA to have such a series covered by one of their members.

There is a wiki that is devoted to the series. It is an independent wiki, the site being hosted on a former Super Mario Wiki staff member's (Paper Jorge) site and led by the well-respected MarioWiki community member Turboo.

Although the series deserves its own wiki, the Ace Attorney Wiki is a bit lacking in activity; and as a result, content. I implore you to join the site and help out a bit: the Ace Attorney series deserves better coverage. By helping out the wiki, you'd also be helping the site come closer to being able to join NIWA. If the site joins NIWA, you'll be helping the organization grow. You'd be doing a great help by fixing that one typo you see, or making that rewrite that you feel needs to be done. Every positive contribution makes a difference!

(Credit to Edofenrir for making it.)


I'm glad you made the reminder, I've never played Ace Attorney myself. But a larger wiki base for NIWA appeals to me. Anyway, since I've just posted a strategy plan for new wikis, I'm wondering if you have read it. Feel free to discuss it in the thread or via pm. Since it's basically "OUR (NIWA's) New wiki plan" I ask that it not be made fully public.


Hello all,

I am currently accepting staff applications for Ace Attorney Wiki. Although it is small right now, two staff members (me and Super Mario Bros.) are not enough if the wiki is going to take on the challenge of becoming a full-fledged NIWA member.

As I am not going to staff anyone who just begs, I would like to ask a few questions first:

* Where do you specialize in articles? Characters, games, locations?
* How familiar are you with the series? How many of its titles have you played?
* What will you contribute to the wiki? Why do you think you are deserving of a staff position?
* Finally, have you ever been a staff member on any NIWA-affiliated wiki?

Please PM me your answers to these questions, and if you have questions yourself, you can PM those too. I will review your applications and get back to you. :)

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I'll try helping ou there in the near future, busy right now up to the 29th.

EDIT: Turns out I already had an account there, and I made the Phoenix Wright page.

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I've been trying to get to the site recently, but it hasn't been loading on any of my browsers. Something wrong with the site?

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It's down right now, Turboo will inform us when everything is back to normal.


It's been down for a while... Any reason why? I've played the four Ace Attorney games (not Investigations D:) and I'd really like to work on an Ace Attorney Wiki.


Word from secondary sources is that they overtaxed mysql and had everything wiped out without warning. I haven't heard from Turboo herself, but given that the AA wiki was still in its infancy, not much was lost. If WiKirby went down like that in its first few weeks or so, I'd try to find at least 3-5 people that would be able to make frequent edits and start over.

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Just got back from a much needed vacation and found this.

You guys are right in that not too much was lost, but we had some good things going, but i'm sure a little bit of edits on a newly set up wiki would mend it.

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Well Ace Attorney is not exactly Nintendo...


Tetris is hardly Nintendo.  It was released on June 6 of 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov Vladimir Pokhilko for the Soviet terminal computer Electronika 60.  It has been released in a myriad of ways, shapes, and forms, on systems by Sega, Atari, Microsoft, and Sony, on the PC and Mac, and as an arcade game.  Yet we inducted Hard Drop Tetris Wiki as a member of the NIWA at the beginning of last year because some of its most memorable iterations were released on Nintendo systems, most notably the version that came as a pack-in with the original Game Boy handheld.

The Ace Attorney series saw its start on the Game Boy Advance, with a trilogy exclusive to Japan that was released from 2001 to 2004.  Starting in 2005, the trilogy was ported to the Nintendo DS and saw its release internationally.  The trilogy was met with a sequel, Apollo Justice:  Ace Attorney, that was released in 2007 exclusively for the Nintendo DS.  Following Apollo Justice, a spinoff game featuring the main antagonist of the first game was released in 2009 exclusively for the Nintendo DS titled Ace Attorney Investigations:  Miles Edgeworth.  It later received a sequel, once again for the Nintendo DS, but it was never officially released outside of Japan.

Following the release of the Nintendo 3DS, the fifth entry in the main series was released, titled Phoenix Wright:  Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.  A crossover game with Professor Layton and a remake of the entire trilogy in the form of one title were also released for the 3DS.  Phoenix Wright will also make an appearance in the upcoming crossover game Project X Zone 2, also for the Nintendo 3DS.

The original trilogy has also been ported to the Nintendo Wii, iOS, and PC, though only the first game was released on the PC, and exclusively in Japan.  Dual Destinies was ported to iOS as well.  Phoenix Wright has never seen the light of day on any gaming console or handheld not created by Nintendo, save for his appearance as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, which was released on the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and Xbox 360.

So you mean to tell me that Ace Attorney is not a Nintendo franchise because of a couple hastily-made ports and an appearance in a fighting game?

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It's more Capcom in my opinion


I mean, obviously it's more Capcom than Nintendo, but as the Tetris wiki shows, that alone doesn't disqualify it.
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Well yeah, Ace Attorney is developed and published by Capcom;  it's not a first-party title.  But to date every main series and spinoff game originated on a Nintendo system;  in fact, the original trilogy and Dual Destnies were the only games ported to non-Nintendo platforms.  It is evident that the series is loyal to Nintendo.

And if every series that had an entry or two on a non-Nintendo system was deemed not a Nintendo series, then not just Hard Drop, but also Dragon Quest Wiki, would not be in the NIWA.  And if you want to get super technical, founding member Bulbapedia wouldn't be either, on account of the Sega Pico and a couple arcade games.

Oh yes, and come to think of it, Mario and Zelda had those CD-i games, didn't they...

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Oh wow you guys bring up a lot of good points. Thank you for the insight.


You are very welcome.  As someone who has both played Ace Attorney and used multiple members of the NIWA for years, it has been my dream to see an Ace Attorney Wiki be inducted for quite a while.

As long as I work for one of the members of this network, I will do everything I can to see my dream come to fruition.

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Problem is, as far as I'm aware there isn't actually one, or an independent one at least (the ones that have been mentioned here are long dead). I know there's the Wikia one, but I don't know what its activity or content is like. I'd be willing to work with them if they decided to go independent, and needed hosting or other help setting up, though.
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I guess we could even fork the Wikia wiki if some people want independence and some people want Wikia


Me and one of my colleagues were actually taking about that.  Problem is that the only active administrator on the Wikia wiki now doesn't seem to have that glowing of an opinion of the NIWA.

I found this on his profile while trying to find a means of contact:

"I've contributed significantly to the following wikis:

*The StarCraft Wiki
*SmashWiki, but it joined NIWA, my account didn't carry over, and I don't feel like making an account there, so... (BTW, not a bad group, NIWA is. But I don't want too much politics on my user page so that's all I'm going to say on that matter.) "

This move, of course, happened quite a while ago;  additionally, we have not actually talked with this person at all yet, so this definitely isn't the end of that idea.  The Ace Attorney Wikia is by far the most extensive existing wiki on the internet dedicated to this franchise, and if we were to induct one that is already established, I would love for it to be this one.

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