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Wars Wiki's newest Awesome feature

Started by Axiomist, October 05, 2010, 12:10:22 AM

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Wars Wiki's Language dilemma
Many of our friends at Wars Wiki live in Europe and use spellings like "colour" where as we Americans use "color". A small debate arose on which spelling for terms should be used in the article body. When Moydow and I began working on WiKirby's personalization (your name in the article instead of "the player") I had in mind that we should figure out a way to get that level of personalization (or personalisation) to Wars Wiki. I love finding solutions in debates where everyone actually wins and this as well as the gender pronouns debate on WiKirby seem to do exactly that, give everyone what they want, instead of making a choice and forcing the other to accept.

And it was successful! Although this may seem to be a very minor and trivial feat at first glance, I assure you, Moydow's efforts should be respected. The MediaWiki software itself didn't bother to display regionally specific spellings even for words not linked to in the article body. My own role in this was only having the idea on how it would get the region from the editor and getting the code to JoJo. This is Moydow's creation. Now I'm hoping KC will textreplace the words to implement it fully.

But what would be totally awesome is if you guys could go add a few new regional difference spellings or even implement a few here and there! Afterall, you'd get to brag about your role in (quite possibly) a revolutionary feature so new it isn't used anywhere else yet!

Wouldn't you think that personalization is the future of wikis?


Freaking awesome! Hopefully this will forever end the dispute of whether to use "color" or "colour"... Moydow wins! B) I hope you guys won't mind if ZW ends up using this in the near future...  :D


Wow, I didn't realize we could personalize the articles like that.  Nice work!  Updating now...



Well to be fair, KC, up until Moydow and I started chatting, I don't think any of us thought it was possible either. Eventually I plan to add it to WK, but I was like "Let Wars Wiki have some time in the spotlight." As I was saying in skype, with the personalization tools we have on WiKirby and Wars Wiki, and quite possibly many many more that I have ideas for... "Web 2.0 allowed YOU to create content, and if we have any influence, Web 3.0 will be defined as a site in which that content you created knows YOU." We'll have to work it, but I think its possible.

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I have announced this bit of awesome news on ZW's main page. I seriously cannot wait until we can implement this, too!  :D


Gosh! I didn't even think of it, until you mentioned it, but now it's on Facebook and WiKirby. And maaaan.... I love writing Wars Wiki news in theme :D


I noticed this while checking up on its implementation... If you look at it, you'll see "1." instead of the redirect symbol; the {{UserLang}} template breaks the redirect. It's even more apparent to users using non-American English, such as me, as it causes the redirect to link to itself, bolding the link instead of soft-redirecting. I've fixed this one, and Zak, but is it possible for TextReplace to avoid redirects, preventing this? Or will each one need to be fixed as it appears?
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The one way I can see skipping redirects is to go categorizing everything except the redirects in a hidden category, for instance [[Category:SiteName]], and when text replacing opt to go by category and choose the mother category.