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Rules and Guidelines (Updated: 3/19/11)

Started by Tucayo, February 16, 2010, 02:47:47 AM

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Welcome to the Nintendo Independent Wikis Alliance forum. Please read the rules before posting

General Rules
1. If you see somebody or something violating the rules, REPORT IT. If no action appears to be have been taken, it is possible that the moderation team judged that no rule-breaking occurred or they contacted the offender privately. If you are unsure if the situation has been dealt with or not, feel free to PM an administrator or moderator. However, please do not report something multiple times, or spam reports from many different threads: This will be punished with a warning.

2. Do not create multiple accounts for yourself. Once you have registered an account, you must use that account only. If you wish to have a different user name, contact and Administrator to change your name. If you are unable to log into your account, (ex: because you lost your password), DO NOT create another account. Simply contact a forum Administrator on their corresponding wiki talk page. We will reset your password, then email it to you.

3. Do not derail threads, i.e go off-topic for more than 3-4 posts.

4. No double posting within a day. If somebody hasn't posted after your post and you need to add something, simply edit your existing post. This only applies if it wasn't because of lag. Double-posting is, however, allowed when adding to project threads (but try to edit instead if possible).

5. Show respect towards ALL members, no matter who they are. Do not flame people, or bait them into flaming you and don't be a troll. No prejudicial comments of any types.

6. Moderate swearing is allowed. However, you shouldnt' do so gainst other users. If any moderator sees you breaking this rule, you will be warned. Posts may be edited if they contain excesive swearing.

7. No requesting, sharing of or linking to illegal wares (such as ROMs, or certain mp3s). If you are unsure of whether an piece of content is illegal or not, PM an administrator or moderator; said Administrator will tell you if it is okay to post it.

8. Absolutely no inappropriate content such nude images, pornography, gore, etc. This includes discussion of said content.

9. Posting advertising threads is not allowed, unless permission is given by a staff member.

10. If you receive any inappropriate PM, please click on the Report to a Moderator link. This can also be done with any post you deem inappropiate

11. No asking for promotions. The moderator staff will come to you if/when they feel they need a new moderator.

12. No troll-feeding. Posting in topics to antagonize, praise, or insult trolls is not allowed.

13. No enormous quote blocks. Large quote blocks can cause certain members' computers to run poorly, and it puts stress on the server. Trim down the quote block, or make a post without quoting if you wish to continue a conversation with a growing quote block.

14. Religion, and politics conversations,  are strictly forbidden, as these often lead to problems.

July 30th Update:
15. While you are allowed to change your nick, please do not change it to a nick that may cause problems. This is, some nicks won't allow users to receive PM's, or will cause errors while quoting.

Warning System
* An infraction of the rules warrants a warning.
* Being warned more than once warrants a suspension.
* Being suspended multiple times is grounds for consideration to be banned.
*An infraction of the rules, if severe enough, can warrant a suspension in its own right, or even a ban, especially if it deals with pornographic images or illegal content.

Signature and Avatar Rules
1. Signatures should be no larger than 200x600px in size. If you have an image in your sig larger than this, it will be resized by a Global Moderator to where it meets our rules. You can, however, do this yourself. By putting:

[img height=200 width=600]http://www.example.com/imageurl.jpg[/img]

You can, of course, change the height and width variables to your liking, so long as they do not break the rules.

2. Images that contain gore or pornographic content will not be allowed. If we find out that you have an image in your signature or avatar that violates this rule, said image will be removed, and you will face a ban that lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks.

List of users with Administrator rights


Thank you and enjoy your time here on our forum! If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Administrator. :police: