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Worst Starter Pokemon

Started by Zoroark, February 16, 2010, 04:31:17 AM

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Which is the worst?

1 (2.1%)
3 (6.4%)
1 (2.1%)
12 (25.5%)
0 (0%)
2 (4.3%)
3 (6.4%)
1 (2.1%)
4 (8.5%)
4 (8.5%)
6 (12.8%)
6 (12.8%)
4 (8.5%)

Total Members Voted: 46


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With regard to Yellow Version... Pikachu is so overused that I don't really have superbly strong feelings in that respect.

You'd think he would be overused since he's the only available one.

Also, I added Pikachu to the poll; he was missing.

I more meant the overused respect in terms that random number 25 is the mascot... main Pokémon character in the anime... etc.

Clefairy was originally going to be the mascot, but the anime made Pikachu so popular (Pikachu IS cute in the anime) so they changed the mascot to Pikachu.
Due to this fame, Pikachu is portrayed as WAY stronger then he is in the Anime and sometimes even the Pokemon Adventures manga. I personally wished Mew was the mascot >< He was also a contender to be the mascot, I believe, since he WAS the first patented Pokemon (before the games even came close to being released o.O)

Anyone notice that Pikachu also seems to get stronger in each generation? He's fairly viable in gen IV, and appropriately you really can't evolve him either if you want him to stay usable.


Why can't you evolve him? Certain moves? I always evolved Pikachu whenever I got the chance, if I used Pikachu at all.


Quote from: Ambiance on February 24, 2010, 04:45:46 AM
Why can't you evolve him? Certain moves? I always evolved Pikachu whenever I got the chance, if I used Pikachu at all.

Because of light ball. What makes him particularly viable for endgame in gen IV (I can't remember if light ball was in gen III, i don't think so though) is that this item doubles Pikachu's special attack when held, but if you evolve him to Raichu it doesn't work anymore.

Correction! It was in gen III and had the exact same effect.

Edit 2:
Oh my goodness it was in gen II also. Pikachu has been playable forever!


Oh, I see o.O
I was wondering what that item was that Pikachu ALWAYS seemed to have ><
That explains why every time I fought Pikachu, it seemed to do more damage than my own, even at lower levels :P

It's just that I don't know hold items that much, since I rarely ever use any besides leftovers, the choice items and plates :P


Pikachu.  Barely affects Brock, isn't strong enough by the time you get to Misty, and it can't evolve unless you trade it away.  I WANT THAT EEVEE!!!!!!
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Chikorita.  Generation II had some of the best Pokemon, but Chikorita takes the lead for worst starter, closely followed by Piplup, who I can't stand.


Piplup wasn't bad. Honestly, he's not exactly cool looking once he evolves, but he's pretty powerful. Actually, I kind of thought that Totoodle was pretty bad.


Quote from: Mandi on October 02, 2010, 06:31:41 PM
Piplup wasn't bad. Honestly, he's not exactly cool looking once he evolves, but he's pretty powerful.
I actually thought he looked really cool.

Chikorita is the worst though, imo.


I picked Piplup; I'm not too far but he's pretty good, I think. And I do like the way Piplup's line works too.

I don't have much experience in gaming but I'd say I dislike Turtwig.


Chikorita. Wasn't as cool or useful in the early or most gyms. worst choice of GenII


I think Ash Ketchum is the worst starter Pokemon.. No attacks..


It's actually usable once it's a Meganium, but in SS, I had so much trouble with the first two gyms! I was SOOOO happy when I beat the first two gyms. Chikorita is the worst. It IS epic when it comes to looks, though! But it sucks when it comes to the battles.

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Piplup. I always chose the water starter. Once I chose Piplup and tried using it, I knew I made a mistake. It looks bad, it sucks bad and I restarted the game with a Turtwig.

I also hate the fact that there are now three fire/fighting starter evolutions in a row! Think of a new type combo guys!


My least favorite starter pokemon is... Octoroks! lolz  ;D
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I'd have to say charmander it doesn't learn a lot of fire moves (ember and flamethrower)

You should also add Gen V starters too
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Tepig and it's evolved brethren. Lower BST than the other starters, and has same typing as Torchic and Chimchar's families.


I voted Pikachu. Because he sucks. And is too overplayed.


But srsly, Charmander sucks.
I blame the economy.


Any leaf starter sucks. If you want a leaf Pokemon, just catch one at the beginning