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What is your favorite band?

Started by KidIcarus, November 03, 2010, 11:22:18 PM

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I'd say Machine Head, or Megadeth or Metallica.

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Zesty Cactus

<3 Pink Floyd <3

runners-up: Iron Maiden, Billy Talent, Social Distortion, Our Lady Peace, Gamma Ray, Jefferson Airplane, U2, Megadeth


No Beatles? Also AC/DC and The Black Eyed Peas' older works. The Beach Boys were also good.
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My favourite band is My Bloody Valentine. Used to go by the name on MarioWiki for about two years because of how much I love them before changing it to my current one. I've also got a soft spot for The Beatles, Sonic Youth, Miles Davis, Orphaned Land, Cruachan, Pink Floyd, and Redgum.


3 Door's Down, Good Charlotte, and Green Day come to mind.


Mine is Vampire Weekend now or maybe even fun..