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Pokémon manga other than Adventures/Special

Started by TurtwigA, November 05, 2010, 09:41:42 PM

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This topic is for discussion of Pokémon manga other than Special/Adventures which has its own thread.

Currently, I am hoping for the US releases of some other mangas, as DPA is the only manga series (besides Adventures) which I can find.

Please give me internets! So much less bulkier than those eggs.
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I want Pocket Monsters to be scanlated or something!! It's so bizarre I would LOVE it!

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Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Adventure! is excellent, i'm actually sad to see the series completed.

i also really like Magical Pokémon Journey, too bad it's so rare :/

manga i'd like to see translated by VIZ: Phantom Thief! Pokémon 7, Pocket Monsters, maybe that new B&W one that's supposed to appear in CoroCoro.