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First Nintendo Game?

Started by Metechar, December 12, 2010, 03:49:40 AM

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Mine was Duck Hunt (if it's even a Nintendo game. Forgot... :P)

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Oh, gosh... First played? Donkey Kong Country... I think...

First owned?  Pokemon Crystal, definitely.


First played was probably Pokemon Blue. I couldn't read and had no idea what was going on. Nonetheless I made it to Pewter City somehow. :P

I think the first one I've played where I knew what was going on was... Ocarina of Time? I always would get stuck at the Deku Tree though because I sucked. XD And then the first one I owned myself was Pokemon Ruby.
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Donkey Kong Country. Still play to this day.


My first game was Super Metroid. Odd.
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It could've been three different games, and I'm not sure which to call the first.

Super Smash Bros., I think, at a random party? I was six years old or so and I just mashed random buttons, and got angry when I lost (almost always).

Or Pokémon Gold, which my sister and her friend would play and I'd watch. But I never played so maybe that doesn't count.

The first Nintendo game I played was prooobably Pokémon Sapphire. I can't remember that clearly, though.


Donkey Kong Land 2 for the Gameboy, alongside Wario Land (Super Mario Land III).


The Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt two-on-one cart.
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Quote from: Moydow on December 12, 2010, 06:59:40 AM
The Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt two-on-one cart.

this, i got it for Christmas when i was 5, along with the NES itself. It set my passion for gaming a blaze.

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Pokemon Gold. Still one of my favourite games to this day. Ah, the nostalgia.


Super Mario World, my grandparents bought me a SNES for my 8th birthday. The rest is history.


mine would have to be either super mario land 2 super mario kart super mario all stars  or star fox ( don't know but ny parents had them as kids.)

The first game i bought was Emerald
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Super Mario 64. Or, at least I think it is from watching videos of me when I was younger...

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First ever played was Super Mario 64. My uncle owned it (and later he would give us his N64 about a year later when he moved).

First I ever owned was Pokémon Red. Recieved it with my Game Boy Pocket.


First played was Kirby 64.

First owned was Kirby 64.


First I owned?That would be the copy of EarthBound my parents got me for my birthday back in 2000?I lost that a long time ago, though.  :'(
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