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Your phone?

Started by R7308xx, July 31, 2011, 05:42:44 AM

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I have an HTC EVO 4G from Sprint.

I blame the economy.


Samsung Gravity Smart. I <3<3<3 it.

T-Mobile is pretty good toooo~


Blackberry Bold. I have T-Mobile right now, used to have Verizon though. I like Verizon better.


Forgot my password, and I may not ever recover it. But you never know! JUST CLICK!



Nokia Lumia 610. Windows Phone is hopeless. Remind me never again to give Microsoft any of my money, unless it's completely unavoidable.
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Okay yeah iOS has more apps and is more user-friendly. Android is more flexible with who can put apps up


From my own experience, I'd say WP is more user-friendly than iOS, at least when the Live Tiles bother working properly, but iOS is the undisputed king in the apps market (despite Apple's stupid $100/year developer licence). But the walled-garden ecosystems of iOS and WP kills both for me. iOS has jailbreaking to alleviate this to some extent, but in a country where broadband availability is shit (sorry, but there is no other word to describe it), I regularly need my phone at weekends to download college files from the Internet and transfer them to my computer. So I regularly have to go back to my six-year-old Nokia E51 for that, which can be a pain. Next phone, I'll probably go for an Android (or possibly Ubuntu, depending on price/availability).
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