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Happy Birthday to WiKirby!

Started by Xizor, January 24, 2011, 09:30:53 PM

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Congrats WiKirby. You'll be sharing a birthday with some of my sites.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIKIRBY. I remember editing there for a couple months, then leaving. :'(

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Quote from: SuperAlpaca on January 25, 2011, 02:14:31 AM
Well, sadly my favorite emoticon is not here, so just imagine there is the party one instead of Mario.  :mario:

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Thanks to everyone for the Happy Birthday messages!  :eekdance: As I just posted on the WiKirby main page discussion:
QuoteSince most of our first year was all about laying groundwork and setting precedent where possible-more than article/template creation; I think its safe to say we'll have a lot more articles created and snazzier templates over the rest of this year! With the small amount of work we've done so far, many a wiki staffers and editors came around and found inspiration to bring back to their home wiki. So imagine what great creations we'll have when we actually have more time to focus on those

This isn't "bias" as much as insider knowledge that I feel is a good time to share. NIWA has been great to us for innumerable things. And I'd like to point out that WiKirby has returned the favors. I'm not sure if all NIWA Wikis have an example of something developed at WiKirby and brought home to them. But I do know many do whether they know it or not. Just a small list of things I know of:

  • Round Corner template-Most of you may associate this one with Bulbapedia, but truth is, Neo (Justin) created it first on WiKirby and some time later was brought to BP, in which they adopted it and renamed to {{Roundy}}
  • Main Pages -WiKirby was built based off of Zelda Wiki's main page primarily. While staffing Zelda Wiki, I avoided main page work, but loved to dabble on WiKirby's for even the smallest improvements. A lot of what you see on WiKirby's Main Page borrowed ideas from other wiki's Main page, but brought the pieces together with style in mind! Honestly, before WiKirby, most wiki main pages were less pleasing to look at. Now it seems the Main Page philosophy of WiKirby (having many cosmetic pieces and colors) is becoming a norm around NIWA. Main Pages are finally tipping from pure utilitarian to near works of art!

I'd post more, but I've got to get some sleep. Feel free to inform us all of any WiKirby-inspired changes made at your home wiki!