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Favorite Enemy

Started by onetwentysix, May 01, 2010, 03:17:29 PM

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What is your Favorite Enemy?



Note I have just played OoT, and that I haven't even finished it.

Volvagia :)


Best enemies in any Zelda game: angry cuccos. :laugh:


Level 3

Cuccoos of doom, obviously.

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In my mind, nothing can defy the epic power of Giant Green Chu-Chus
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I like turtles..................................................................................:eekdance:[File:Bitches Don't know bout my Turtles]


I've always been a fan of Octorocks and Chuchus.


I play Zelda for Boss fights, so I have a few favorites:
  • Dark Link- #1 sword fight ever! At least in AoL, and OoT, FSA-not so much
  • Goht and Stallord- different bosses but same reason, fast paced boss fights are just awesome!
  • Garo-These were fun and unique characters to fight. best minibosses in MM!
  • Darknuts in TP- The reason that you probably hate having to confront one is probably the same reason I like em.

Now if I were just list up some common enemies, then I'd go with Pol's Voices because they're so odd; Bits and bots in AoL bc I got skilled enough to just hop from one kill to the next doing downthrusts(good times :p); and the miniblin hoard on Pawprint Isle in WW.


The Cucco's Revenge Squad=epic enemies

also like Darknuts, other


ReDeads, Gibdos, Wallmasters, Floormasters, and Cuccos.

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My favorite enemies are Darknuts and Octoroks.
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My favorite enemy is probably the Iron Knuckle from OoT. You couldn't flinch him, and he took four hearts away from you in one hit (ahh, the good old days when Zelda enemies could do more than a half heart worth of damage). But then they nerfed him in MM by giving half the health, and just removed the Iron Knuckle from post N64 Zelda games, perhaps in favor of the inferior Darknut.

The Garos from MM were another favorite that hasn't appeared since the N64 Zeldas.

Other favorites include OoT Stalfos (by far the best incarnation of Stalfos), MM ReDeads, Bongo Bongo, and OoT Ganondorf.


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Oh, there are several awesome enemies throughout the series. The Karakoro and Hikkun are examples of two enemies whose overall design I find being very cozy. Though I can think of the mutilation of Hikkun to be a tad too brutal at times.

I've always digged Skull Kid as well. Especially his OoT/MM design, it's just too adorable with its little flute and its sort of friendly withdrawness. :3 They really made me think of Lost Woods as a strange and majorly versatile place during my first visit. Delightful memories.


I hate all enemies, but my least hated is Ganondorf