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What rare/geeky/novelty crap do you own?

Started by R7308xx, February 01, 2011, 05:51:02 AM

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I have a Mother (in the box) and Mother 3 Deluxe Box, a lunchbox and thermos from the Super Mario 2/Zelda II promotion, both Okami wall scrolls, an EarthBound copy (unfortunately not in the box [just got it!]), some promo posters for Sly 2 and 3, a Giratina/Ho-oh/Lugia figurine, Mario PEZ dispensers, an EarthBound strategy guide and scratch-n-sniffs, every Game and Watch besides Ball in the box, Super Mario All-Stars 25th anniversary edition, a Zelda bottle and shield, crafted from real metal (been lookin' for a sword for 3 years), some MAGfest stuff, Chrono Trigger in the box (you wouldn't BELIEVE how much that cost), a Pikmin figurine, a Zelda ocarina, and a Mario candy wrapper that I for some reason kept. Yeah... I'm a real nerd.
I blame the economy.


I'm more of an anime fan than anything, so I own a couple of doujinshi, two dakimakura (body pillowcases with artwork, but none of mine are adult rated), and a Touhou PV CD of "Tewi! Eien Tewi!"


I have a Pokémon pillowcase, all of the limited edition DVDs of Lucky Star (with t-shirts I can wear all of the time), a Wobbuffet plushie, a few Kirby plushies, a Lucky Star wall scroll, a poster from GTA - Chinatown Wars (came with the game, has a map of Liberty City on the back), a Spore poster, three Konata plushies, a Yotsuba action figure (IT'S NOT A DOLL ):<), some various figurines, a t-shirt with Konata wearing a yukata on it, a Haruhi t-shirt, an Osaka key chain, a plushie Sgt. Frog, and choco-cornet earrings. Along with various manga and DVDs, but those aren't special.


Aside from the small shelf full of stuff I got from Club Nintendo/pre-ordering stuff, I don't really have much of anything.


I've got:

* Zubat Plushie
* Speed limit sign (of a different state then i live in)
* Pokemon Official & Taped-off-TV VHS's
* Wall Scrolls for Anime (Naruto, Bleach).
* A gaming desktop computer, i built with help from fellow Otakus
* 2 laptops.
* TCG's like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!
* TV-On-DVD for Anime (Naruto) and TV shows (Bones, Numbers)
* Movies-on-DVD for many "Geeky"/"Nerdy" movies
* Totaling Hundreds of Games between NES, SNES, N64, GCN, Wii (both DVD and VC), Original GB, GBC, GBA (both original and a SP), NDS (both original and lite), Sega Genesis, Game.com.
* Many issues of Shonen Jump, along with other volumes of magna. 
* My family has a netflix account that has over 100 Instant Plays and nearly 200 dvds, many of which are Geeky/Nerdy stuff.
* And i have a hulu account with over a 1000 shows of similar themes.



BLEACH and Naruto wallscrolls? Pffft! I have a Touhou and a Kanon wallscroll. Those are much harder to find.


I don't think I have much "official" merch that's rare or anything. I have a Famicom micro and the Dialga/Palkia DS Lite, and a random Phantom Hourglass cel that keeps popping up every time I clean my room. But for fun, I'll list off what game-related things I have lying around my room.

*Those Club Nintendo Zelda posters (I have the Twilight Princess one hung up because the others don't really match my room :V)
*Some headphones I got with Super Scribblenauts. Purple with polka-dots! I find myself using them as earmuffs more than I do headphone covers.
*Two Zelda shirts
*One Homestuck -- ok, that's a comic, not a game, but I'm counting it because it's nerdy -- shirt. Yay Jade! 8)
*An Animal Crossing doll and a Luke (from Professor Layton) doll
*The official Mother 2 guide

And out of my fanmade things....

*Ness (who's wearing a Fangamer pin lolol), Ana, Paula, Kumatora, Mr. Saturn, Rope Snake, Lucas, Claus and a Fobby are currently chilling in my room right now. 8) Collection is growing because I can't stop sewing.
*Sky Runner poster from Fangamer
*A couple random doodles of Mother characters on my corkboard
*A little Lucas keychain that I made out of boredom, but it came out pretty bleh. :(
*A Franklin Badge that I wear pretty much everywhere. (If I had an official one I still wouldn't wear it. Wouldn't risk losing that thing!)

I have a lot of Pokemon things too but I like to pretend that they don't exist
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I have a random picture of retro Pokémon .

And a bunch of other crap I don't remember.

Please give me internets! So much less bulkier than those eggs.
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Digging through my boxes I found...

Chrono Cross, Lucky Star plushies, a Metal Gear oil painting, my Dialga/Palkia DS Lite, my Final Fantasy IV deluxe box that I wish was Mother 3, EarthBound stickers, my Geppu/Saturn plushies from Starmen.net, the Mother 3 fanmade handbook and Courage Badge that I wish had a Franklin Badge with it, Nights Into Dreams... for the Saturn, Mana Khemia which I think is absolute crap but I still keep, my Mother/Mother 2/Mother 3+/Oto no Ishi/Oto no Ishi 2 soundtracks, 108 of my Pokemon plushies in a black trash bag, and my EarthBound figurines.
I blame the economy.


why are the Pokemon plushies in a trash bag?


I blame the economy.



I currently have a growing poster collection, which contains not only Nintendo-related posters, but all sorts of gaming posters, and some random National Geographic ones. I actually just had a Mario Kart Wii and DCKR poster arrive today, but they were damaged, so I'm waiting on them to send me new ones.

As I'm sure a lot of you do, I also paricipate at Club Nintendo (the United States version). So far, I've managed to get a Wii remote holder, all the available screensavers, and the two sets of posters (Mario and Zelda). I've also got the reward calenders at the end of each year for earning up 300 points. In addition, I really loved the Super Mario Galaxy 2 music, so when I saw that Japan's Club Nintendo released an ost, I bought one off of eBay.

I also do try to grab rare, collectible items whenever I can off of eBay if they're reasonably priced (for example, I bought a Super Mario Galaxy launch coin, a promotional Super Mario Galaxy 2 lanyard, and a little Gameboy Advance keychain from E3). I also have a tiny keychain collection that I collected a while back in which I tried to get at least one keychain per Nintendo series, but I'm done wasting money there.

I also just bought a R.O.B. the other day. I've been looking to buy one for a while, and I just bought one off of Amazon for 40 dollars (around 30 dollars if you subtract my gift cards), which I think is a good deal compared to other prices I've seen on eBay. R.O.B. and I are going to go on adventures together (to think, he'll actually be older than me...)


EarthBound box with guide came today, along with a Mother 3 Handbook from Fangamer, my Trauma Center keychains that I ordered at least a month ago, something that resembles a Franklin Badge, and a t-shirt that says YOUR MOM on the front with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine shooting at it (so random).
I blame the economy.

Solar Dragon

Many, many Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards (which I'm selling)
a Pokemon DS game case (from Club Nintendo, only thing I got before I decided CN wasn't worth it)
Several Pokemon plushies somewhere

And that's about it for Nintendo things.

Non-Nintendo, and non-gaming:

Over 150 packs of Top Trumps and over 120 Super Top trumps cards including a pack from Dubai that only had 5 imported to the UK. Many other foreign packs (mainly sealed) and a few older sealed packs.


A glass Coke-a-cola bottle. ...Does that count?


Zesty Cactus

piles and piles and piles and piles of junk! depends which fandom you're looking at, haha. i own tons of Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Simpsons, etc merchandise. i'm kind of a hoarder :V

one of my favourite pieces is a Sailor Moon bath kit from 1995. unused. i have sailor moon soap!!

Solar Dragon

Quite recently, a £95, 1200 page Simpsons book that is helping me a lot with Wikisimpsons.