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Pikipedia has a new template

Started by Volatile Dweevil, February 01, 2011, 06:49:33 AM

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Volatile Dweevil

So, Pikipedia has this new template that some new user (apparently from mariowiki) just added, and since several other NIWA wikis have it, it looks like a great idea:


The only problem is, nobody who edits Pikipedia know some of the languages, and other only a few people know. We need people who know the languages to help with putting the template on articles. It would be really great if we got one of those up, it'd give us Pikipedians something new to help with once we got some more people to help.

Edit: That reminds me, we've never figured out what this says and it would be great if someone could translate the card to English. Even a rough translation would help


Yeah, language tables are a given for game series that have been translated into multiple languages.

I love having info on the different names for things in different languages! ...I only know English and Japanese though and I'm sure that's covered by other users very easily. :\

(Not sure how useful a specific language table/template would be on WB though, the Mother series has only ever been in English/Japanese, so.. well, it wouldn't be there, I guess. It definitely comes in handy on other wikis though.)
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Glad to see you guys starting to integrate templates into articles.


Oussama...I think I saw him edit once or twice...

EDIT: He was blocked for "disruptive editing"

(see that's why Edofenrir is awesome)

Volatile Dweevil

Quote from: Nintendoguy1 on February 02, 2011, 09:18:35 PM
Oussama...I think I saw him edit once or twice...

EDIT: He was blocked for "disruptive editing"

Yeah, I saw that when I looked at his userpage on MaroWiki, which is where the template is from.