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What Pokemon did you use to beat Red on top of Mt. Silver? (IF you did.)

Started by Peanut64, February 22, 2011, 01:59:06 AM

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I haven't even beaten the E4, anyone know of a good place to train other then Victory Road? I already beat all the trainers and I'm still a good 5 levels before I can even hope to beat them.

Hmm... You should find wild pokemon at higher levels. That is my idea.

No duh, now were would I find these?

which region are you currently in?

Johto, Victory Road.

Sorry, but i currently don;t have an answer for you.

Personally, when i have ran out of people to fight, and wild Pokemon are giving me negligible exp., i go through the elite four like a masochist madman,  buying tons of items (revives, full restore, full heals, hyper potions), using them to help me fight right up to the point i blackout, and then starting the cycle.

Held items like Amulet Coin and Exp. Share help speed up the process, but it still takes a good 3 days to a week of doing this for me to beat the elite four.

Not the most pleasent solution, I'm aware, but it is one, nonetheless.

Lance is a cheater! You can't stop the match run to the store to buy Full Restores, come back, use them, then continue the match.

That's the way it is in every game. It's a five-phase endurance match, that allows you to use items between the phases.