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Nintendo-related insults (for fun)

Started by tacopill, February 28, 2011, 10:08:57 PM

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use something Nintendo-related to make up an insult.

Don't direct it at anyone specific, unless you have their expess permission.

* You're weaker than a lv 5 magikarp!
* You're mustache is on crooked!
* You're more pestering than navi!
* You eat more than kirby!
* You have never been pk loved!
* You fail at doing the barrel roll!
* You can't grow pikmin!
* You can't side-step Goldeen!
* You can't take over a city!


You're nothing but a worthless protoplasm.

(Haha. Couldn't help myself.)
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You're more useless than Knoll! (Fire Emblem 8.)

You're as useless as a Luvdisc! You come with some pretty-looking clothes but otherwise you're worthless. (Luvdisc's Heart Scale and pathetic stats.)


"If you were a Gengar you'd be afraid of ghosts!"
:mario: "Princess Daisy's mustache is bigger than yours!"   :mario: >:(  :-[ :'(
You're farts are worse than Wario after an 60:00...
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"You're a sadder excuse for a being than Negative Man!"
"You're flatter than Paper Mario!"
"You make Lardna Minch look bulimic!"
"You smell worse than Master Belch!"

A lot are Mother-related.
I blame the economy.