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Level 3:
Self explanatory, dicuss and share your favorite movies and/or genres!

What I liked: Dark Knight, Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, The Hangover.

huge fan of the batman films(minus Batman and Robin), also huge 007 fan, also star wars film geek, and ill watch anything with Seth Rogen in it ;D

Zesty Cactus:
I watch about as many movies as I do TV shows (not many excluding anime). Hmm... I think Mean Girls is my favourite. It's hilarious (and it was filmed in my neighbourhood/high school!). Uh... I also like Muppet Treasure Island. Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy was cool but got old. Rocky Horror Picture Show is also cool, but gets old quickly.

Ooh!! Where to begin!!

-21st Century Batman Movies
-Transformers Movies
-Speed Racer
-The Island
-Law Abiding Citizen
-Underworld Trilogy
-Pokémon Movies 5 and 8 (Because Pokémon DIED in those!! >D)
-Yes Man
-Star Wars Series (Except for II)
-Avatar (Yay tree-hugging and nudist blue people!!)
-District 9 (!!!!)

And my all time favorite....
V FOR VENDETTA!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite gender is comedy or action/adventure

Last movie I saw: Percy Jackson, it was nice

Favorite actors: Steve carell, johny depp, jim carrey, adam sandler, ben stiller, jennifer anniston, etc......

I dislike the PD I love you actress and Rob Schendier >_>


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